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Here is the official Instrumental Remake of Immortal hit single released by a producer. And has been released for free usage by producers, musicians and DJ under appropriate copyrights.

Some lyrics to J-cole’s Immortal

To die a young legend or live a long life unfulfilled
‘Cause you wanna change the world
But while alive you never will
‘Cause they only feel you after you gone, or I’ve been told
And now I’m caught between bein’ heard and gettin’ old
D**n, death creepin’ in my thoughts lately
My one wish in this b***h make it quick if the Lord take me
I know nobody meant to live forever anyway
And so I hustle like my ni**as in Virgini-A
They tellin’ ni**s sell dope, rap or go to NBA, in that order
It’s that sort of thinkin’ that been keepin’ ni**as chained
At the bottom and hanged
The strangest fruit that you ever seen, ripe with pain

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Between finals week and the different melodic activities apparently dropping around a similar time, this week has been a bustling one. J.cole Immortal instrumental download.Thursday night at midnight was the same, particularly with the thought of the way that J. Cole had declared the earlier week that his new task would be discharged around at that point. J cole imortal lyrics.Beyond any doubt enough, one fast look on Spotify, and there it was, alongside another concealed diamond from TDE that no one was prepared for, however more on that later.




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