Don’t do life alone – Things we should never do on our own.


Growing up, I remember a song we would sing that said, “I can do it on my own.” While that might be a good attitude to have when it comes to doing things that you should be able to do on your own, the truth is that there are some things we should never do on our own.

We were never designed to do life alone. Yes, some people might live alone, but we should all have people we can turn to so that we don’t do life alone. Think about it: who would you call in the middle of the night in a crisis? Do you have someone in mind?

When times are tough, sometimes our natural inclination is to draw back and isolate ourselves. Sometimes being around people is the absolute last thing we feel like doing. This, however, is dangerous. Look at animals in the wild, for example. It’s the animals that stray off from the herd that are the first to be devoured as prey. When we isolate ourselves our perspective is skewed and we can find ourselves struggling in our situation for longer than is necessary

So how do you make sure you don’t do life alone?

Phone a friend: Make sure you have at least one friend or family member that you can turn to in a crisis. Maybe you’ve had good relationships in the past but if they are not in a good way right now, you should be intentional about nurturing them again. You never know when you might need a friend.

Find a family: If you don’t have any friends or family you can count on, can I encourage you to join a church community? When God created you, He designed you to do life in a family environment. When that is not present in our lives, a church family can be a tremendous support and blessing in your life. I love this verse in Psalm 68:6: “God places the lonely in families”. When natural family is not present, church family is there to do life with you.

God is always there: If all else fails, at the end of the day, this one thing is true – even if everyone in your life forsakes you, God is always there for you. He is always ready to love you and bring you through anything you may face. This powerful verse in Psalm 125:2 says: “Just as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people, both now and forever.” You are never alone.

I hope this encouraged you today!

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