Dom Joly had a spectacular clapback for an angry defender of Boris Johnson


Oonagh Keating. Updated January 14, 2022

Dom Joly became known through the Trigger Happy TV series, but has continued to produce many other shows, best-selling books and popular podcasts.

He did not back down from publicly criticizing the government – well, everything. He recently went to his superior Facebook page to share this.

Many people were on the same page in more ways than one, leaving comments to support the idea, and doubting the possibility.

This means that he must be loyal to himself and his party so that he will not resign soon.
Although I think he should start producing more expensive paper for the next person.

John Doh

It wasn’t at the party! 😡
He was just chatting casually for a set amount of time that some people may or may not have brought ALL THEIR drinks.
This would happen to everyone.

Alex Dovey

Don’t underestimate the potential for stupidity. The Tories know they will vote for her again… ..
Les Wilkin

He cannot because he is a magician who loves power, the deception of greatness and thinks he is Churchill 😄
Nikki Bonner

Keep him longer as he destroys the better party than all the opponents
Shaun Histed-Todd

Surprisingly, there are also Boris Johnson fans out there – and they did not enjoy the post.

Tested by social networking sites.
Margaret Laybourn

It is time to move on & let him continue the great work he & the government is doing. Yes there will be mistakes but all the Government is running a vaccine, furlough & economy better than the rest of the world!
Steve C Montero

Believe everything the media says. They always tell the truth.
Ed Wright

He is a man who has fallen for all these problems !!
Ryan McNamara

Another Johnson assistant decided to make his own.

via Gfycat

This means that Dom Joly has joined Tom Morello in the ‘Perfect Clapback’ Club.

If you are thinking of crossing the ‘Stay on Your Road’ route, first – do not, and second, if you really need it – do some quick research.


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