Dave Ramsey’s Net Worth 2019 | How does he make his money?

David Lawrence Ramsey III, who is well-known as Dave Ramsey is a financial expert and entrepreneur who gives serious advice about financial to newbies. Born in Antioch in Tennessee, He makes sure that his articles, videos and radio shows are so popular that all sorts of people turn to him for financial advice. Since Dave Ramsey has had finance issues in the past, people think it’s imperative to take advice from him since he has a whole lot of experience in the field. He is also an author who has written several in-depth books such as “Financial Peace” and “The Legacy Journey”. Dave Ramsey has successfully made a business out of what used to be his weakness. He reinvented himself and became a guru of finance. His radio talk show is heard by millions of people today. His compelling and captivating style is really exquisite.

Dave Ramsey Wiki

Dave Ramsey Net Wortth

Dave Ramsey Net Wortth

David Lawrence Ramsey III is an American personal finance guru, businessman, and author. Wikipedia
Age: 3 September 1960 (age 58 years), Antioch, Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Address: Franklin, Tennessee, U.S.
Spouse/Wife: Sharon Ramsey (m. 1982) (Who is Davey Ramsey’s Wife?)
Children: Rachel Cruze, Denise Ramsey, Daniel Ramsey
Education: University of Tennessee (1982), Antioch High School


His teachings include important lessons that one must abide buy to stay on the safe side. He also majorly deals with the behavioral side and aims to modify the thinking of his audience by providing rich, accurate and precise information. He graduated from the University of Tennessee with a business degree from College of Business Administration. His content is definitely some of the best that is out there and thoroughly covers responsibilities and self-control that the youth severely lacks.

He resides in his Cool Spring Home which proudly showcases its picturesque look and grandeur. It consists of several floors and comprises of his office, library, bar, media room and several bedrooms. His house speaks for itself and proudly portrays his success. Premium wood makes the interior furnishings of the lavish house. His house is fully-equipped with the latest facilities and top-notch features. Dave Ramsey also owns the 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe.

Dave Ramsey’s Net Worth is $150 million, which he has amassed after his personal struggle. When he was around twenty-six years old, he already had a loan of over $1 Million which he had to pay in a short amount of time. He filed for bankruptcy. This was a tough time for him and he decided to counsel youngsters at his local church. He started going deeper and began learning about the cause of these financial problems that people go through. He was instantly a hit when his book “Financial Peace” was released in the market. The audience was taken aback and they wanted to know more about how they can come out of these problems. He became the co-host of “The Money Game” show, which was courtesy of his book being popular among the masses.

Dave Ramsey has come up with several books since then, which have been bestsellers in the market. Currently, his own show, namely “The Dave Ramsey Show” showcases the Christian perspective of finance and how people can overcome debt. He also has his own university and his own company now, which specializes in personal finance. He is debt-free as of now and ensures that other people can make profits just like he did.



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