Cycle Delivery Go Slow

During the closing period, home delivery services were excellent and the share grew exponentially. Among such companies was Glovo.

Glovo they use youth boats on the bike to provide food, connect restaurants and pizzeria that provide delivery to customers who may or may not like, go get them.

For young people, especially students, it is fast money and all that is needed is a bicycle and courage. In addition, in a smaller city like Granada, shipments are shipped faster.

It was not long before this new venture began to create tensions within the company; then Glovo, and its riders.

In Granada about 200 passengers have been running slowly as protests over the reduction of their fines, which were 2.50 euros but now are 1.30 euros per drop.

Passengers either do not pick up the phone from the office, indicate that they are not available, or inform the restaurant not to prepare food until they arrive – because it will take time to get there – that way. the customer receives hot food even after a long time.

Something that has caused this conflict is the start of a group Rider Law, which went into effect about five months ago and reduced pay suffering, among others. This rule means that passengers must be registered for a job approved by their Social Security to pay. However, instead of improving their lot in life, it only made them worse; hence the import price is cut to cover the cost of their SS subscriptions.

BIAD TopTV 750-187

Most riders, however, want to remain as dedicated not direct workers, but the new law does not allow this. However, they do not object to going to company books, as long as they are paid a good salary.

You’ll be surprised to hear that these riders, at times, earn between 2,000 and 2,500 euros a month, but on the other hand were setting 10 to 12 working days, seven days a week.

The program used by the company and the riders prevented them from working no more than eight hours a day but now there is no limit so the working day starts at 08.00h and ends at about 00.30h the next morning on the weekend.

Slowly but surely, riders choose high times to be ‘not available’ as in essential video game (Super Cup) or on the weekend during meals.

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