Column: No Fact-Checking for Biden's Atlanta Smears

One of the most frustrating things about “real investigators” is how they jump on Democrats’ negative terms as “false” or “needless,” but Democrats say things that are too cruel, too disgusting in the aftermath, and they win.

For example, PolitiFact beat Sen. Georgia Perdue of Georgia as the liar of “Pants On Fire” by calling his enemy Jon Ossoff a “socialist.” He gave Donald Trump “Pants on Fire” by calling Ossoff and his Georgia Democrat counterpart “the strongest” and “the most left-handed representatives in our country’s history.”

But Joe Biden could go to Atlanta and show that anyone who opposes Democrat “voting rights” has taken the side of George Wallace, Bull Connor, and Jefferson Davis, and …. crickets.

Sometimes exaggeration does not mean murder. On the occasion of January 6, Vice President Kamala Harris rallied 1/6 and 9/11 with Pearl Harbor. The “real investigators” did not say anything …. except threw “Very False” to television presenter Todd Starnes saying that Harris said 1/6 was “worse” than 9/11. Matthew Dowd did indeed say that in 2021 … and researchers laid it out.

Here is a brief summary of top researchers at Biden’s talk in Atlanta: PolitiFact? Nothing. Nothing. See AP Facts? Nothing. Reuters? Nothing. Daniel Dale’s CNN team? Nothing. Snopes? Nothing. Leading the Story? Nothing.

Headlines released the UFO check this month, saying “Biden, Harris Did Not Go to Area 51 By Flight On January 8, 2022. ”

The only exceptions to this rule are Washington Post Truth Detector Glenn Kessler. He did not throw “Pinocchios” at Biden’s Bull Connor. But he used the plural “Four Pinocchios” in another passage in Atlanta, where Biden said he was “too old” to be imprisoned for violating human rights. Kessler also said that Biden had a record of his arrest – including in South Africa when he tried to see Nelson Mandela – but there was no evidence that Biden was arrested in any way.

Kessler concluded “the main source of the story with Biden – and we have learned over the years that it is not always a reliable source.” But remember, Kessler does not have Biden lie-counter as Trump did, and will not write a book on all Biden lies, as Trump did. This is because he works for the Biden-backing Washington Post.

The Send researchers have also recently shown the habit of shouting “Missing Context” while Republicans mock Democrats. Last March, Kessler threw two Pinocchios to Sen. Tom Cotton for predicting Charleston bomber Dylann Roof will receive a $ 1,400 check from Democrats’ COVID “rest” package. Now we have learned that the Boston Marathon rebels Dzhokhar Tsarnaev received the check, so Kessler openly (and slightly) returned to Cotton. But he kept Pinocchio one of the bad guys.

There was no Pinocchios at all in the headline “The Senate Case Struggle as the Electoral Act Means a New ‘Jim Khwangwala’.” Kessler quoted Senate General Charles Schumer as saying, “Jim Crow’s successors are undermining the very foundations of our democracy,” and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called this “nonsense.” Overall, it was a helpful review of state voting laws. But even though they call it “more and more,” there were zero Pinocchios for Schumer.

No one expects free “observers” to point out that Biden’s broken promise to win the 2020 elections, he said, was “a time of healing in America,” a time “of moral strength.” Open-minded people are fond of smash-mouth, our way-or-you racist. Being polite or honest does not matter. Only success does.

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