China speeds up construction on Indian border as talks stall – satellite images


India-China Conflict: A potential conflict expert

Tensions between the two neighbors are intensifying in the Himalayan province of Ladakh over a new Chinese-built bridge along Pangong Tso Lake east of Ladakh. Experts say there is a possibility of further conflict between the two countries. Damien Symon, an expert on intelligence, who owns Twitter, caught up with @detresfa_, recently shared satellite images of the area showing what looks like a bridge connecting the two shores of Lake Pangong Tso.

According to Twitter, the expert said: “Pangong Tso publications say a new bridge is being built to connect the north and south of the lake, adding to the road connections for the Chinese military in the region.

In addition to the Tweet, the expert adds to explain why the construction is a controversial issue between Beijing and New Delhi.

He said: “If you were still wondering why the new Pangong Tso bridge is important, here it would explain its meaning and the potential benefits to Chinese troops in the region.”

He added: “Obviously the lesson we learned from the Indian movement at Rezang La in 2020.”

The conflict may also see other conflicts between the two parties (Photo: Getty)


The analyst Tweets about the situation (Photo: Twitter)

The head of the Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University in Sweden, Professor Ashok Swain, said this was a clear indication that China had no intention of leaving the Indian subcontinent in 2020.

Professor Swain reiterated that India does not have the military capabilities to force China to accept the downturn.

He also noted that Chinese President Xi Jinping has been instrumental in fomenting border disputes, while the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s political rhetoric has forced him to reduce Chinese violence, and in the meantime, disunity is the best way India can expect to achieve.

The conflict in the frigid Himalayan region comes as Beijing claims to have established cities in India.

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Events around the bridge

Events around the bridge (Photo: Twitter / @detresfa_)

Map of the area

Map of the area (Photo: Twitter / @Detresfa_)

India has criticized China for building a bridge east of Ladakh, which the Indian Foreign Ministry, or MEA, said was being built in areas “that have been illegally detained for 60 years now by the Chinese.”

In addition, China has also begun expanding the construction of several houses along the Bhutan border.

Beijing says it has stepped up its efforts to build a residential area on its own border with a small landfill, consisting of more than 200 homes, including two-story buildings, being built in six locations, according to a satellite image analysis.

Images and analysis provided to Reuters by US data analytics company HawkEye 360, which uses satellites to obtain information on ground events, and have been verified by two other experts, showcasing China’s recent construction work along its borders and Bhutan. .

Construction projects in other parts of Bhutan’s western border have been under way since early 2020, when China built railways and cleared territories, according to satellite imagery companies Capella Space and Planet Labs, says Chris Bigers. . application director at HawkEye 360.

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Crossing the bridge

One of the bridges being built by China (Photo: Bilal Hussain)

Responding strongly to India’s statement, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin, at a press conference, said, “I want to emphasize that Chinese construction in its region falls under its jurisdiction and aims to protect China’s sovereignty and security, such as and peace and security on the Chinese-Indian border. ”

The main cause of the conflict between the two countries, according to a senior official and leader of China, East Asia at the Stimson Center, Yun Sun, is a dispute over the region and they all want to advance their responsibilities and strengthen their claims.

Sun told VOA that the Chinese could also raise their grievances with India and the region in dispute.

The result is an old-fashioned construction competition, similar to an arms race.

China India border

At the border are a number of Chinese construction projects (Photo: Bilal Hussain)

Experts say the aim of the new bridge is to ensure that the military takes immediate action if necessary to reduce the distance to the other side by about 125 kilometers.

In early 2020, China faced obstacles when the Indian army occupied the Kailash Range on the southern shores of Lake Pangong Tso.

In January 2021, tensions escalated when both sides clashed.

According to reports, Indian and Chinese troops were beaten at the highest point north of Sikkim, a small state of India, located between India and Bhutan, which has been monitoring the India-China conflict for years.



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