Cheer Director Greg Whiteley Filmed Jerry Harris Aftermath With ‘A Cold Eye and a Warm Heart’ in Season 2

“Navarro was a little different from the one we left. He was famous,” said director Greg Whiteley MovieMaker has returned to Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas to film Part 2 of his Netflix record, Be careful. “But the way we act as filmmakers, it hasn’t changed at all.”

Yes, something but has changed a lot since last season. Or, rather, someone. Jerry Harris, a favorite Navarro cheerleader since the first season, was arrested in September 2020 and charged with seven counts of child pornography and child solicitation, including four counts of child sexual abuse, one count of receiving and attempting to obtain child pornography, one number wandering off and trying to have sex with a young child is one number of attraction, according to The New York Times.

Harris did not delay the trial in his December 2020 trial and is currently in jail awaiting trial. However, a Time He also alleged that Harris told FBI agents that he had exchanged pornographic images with 10-15 people he knew were young and that he had sex with a 15-year-old girl at a fun party in 2019.

Whiteley says the idea of ​​dealing with Harris’ cases in the first half of the new era, as well as in Part 5, was absurd.

“It will not be easy. This is the worst thing that has ever happened, “Whiteley said.

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Two of the children accused Harris of asking them for pornographic videos and two twin boys from Texas Cheer, Charlie and Sam, whose mother, Kristen, was the first to whistle at Harris when they found a visual image. play a video from Harris on his son’s phone. He, Charlie, and Sam are interviewed for a long time in Part 2 called “Jerry.” The family names were not shared.

“I think we’re changing the first stages, which may not be visible to viewers and that’s when we started filming, shortly after the first season. [that] we started filming for the second season. As a result none of the stories linked to Jerry Harris were broken, so it was Jerry Harris we already knew. We photographed him the way we photographed him and all his other friends, ”said Whiteley.

“It’s difficult to do that, because he seems to be a member of the team and we did not want the audience to think about how they viewed the sessions – especially those who know what happened recently. For Jerry – we did not want him to think,” Well, did the filmmakers know what happened? Will they ever end this? So that’s how we decided to open the list. It was a way of showing to the audience, We know, we will discuss this, we will explain this part of the story. But first we must bring it back to you before it happens. ”

Sections 1 and 2 of Be careful now streaming to Netflix. Big picture: Navarro cheerleaders photo in Part 2 of Thanks, courtesy of Netflix.

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