"C’est trop tard" : à Washington, une manifestation amère pour protéger le droit à avorter

The milestones of the manifestations of the défilé in Washington, on Saturday, the craint of the voyage in the Courts supréme metre fin or dowit à l’avortement. Beaucoup on the expedition of faculty face-to-face decision-making process, both in the promotions of the battalion in the run-up to the elections in November. Reportage.

“Le monde entier nous regarde”, “L’avortement est un droit humain”, “Naissance forcée = violence”, “Des femmes vont mourir». On the finale of la Cour suprême, Saturday 14 May in Washington, the pancreas appellent for the prize of conscience. To make the moiée of the American population, a strong warranty for the prices of cinnamon and the division of the diaspora. The major consortium of the neuf juges de la Cour suprême pourrait en effet décider, dès le mois de juin, de renverser la jurisprudence Roe v. Wade qui, in 1973, a legal declaration of independence at the federal level. C’est en tout cas la teneur d’un brouillon d’avis qui a fuité récemment.

At the end of the day, the manifestation of the manifestation “Bans off our Bodies” (which means the translation of “Pas touche à nos corps”) on Saturday, the eighth anniversary of the dynasty of the American capitals. A pea à l’image du temps, gris et plombant. The organizers attend more than 17,000 people. On the verge of becoming a multi-million dollar manifestation of the Women’s March (Marche des femmes) of 2017, there will be a massive transfer to Washington in the wake of Donald Trump’s investment.

The pro-choix manifestations will be devoted to devils at the Washington Monument adjourned for the Supreme Court, Saturday 14 May 2022.
The pro-choix manifestations will be devoted to devils at the Washington Monument adjourned for the Supreme Court, Saturday 14 May 2022. © Yona Helaoua, France 24

“C’est trop tard”, sang Vanessa Aburn at the Washington Monument, and protesters’ strong opposition to the converger’s version of the Supreme Court. “The elections are over. Part of the moment is the entrance to the Maison Blanche, which is the only place in the world, “continued continued with the former president Donald Trump, who is the third most powerful conservateurs in the country Of course, the basics are the basics of the institution of the anti-avalanche. “It will not be easy to live, and it will not be difficult. »

C’est terrifiant

Vanessa was born in 1957. Avant, donc, she was recruited by IVG and was always by Roe v. Wade. “I would like to have a man for the manifesto, but I would like to have a guarantee and a guarantee, if I can get better. Je n’ai pas eu à m’inquiéter. J’avais le droit d’avorter, et je l’ai fait. »Alors l’idée que ce droit disparaisse pour la génération actuelle et les suivantes lui glace le sang. “It will not be repeated in the 1950s,” he said. “Je viendrai peut-être en France, tiens, je vais vous suivre», lâche-t-elle avec amertume, avant de reprendre son seéuxux: un mois s’il le faut. »

Si Sages annulaient bel et bien Roe v. In the month of June, there will be a number of republics, principals in the southern hemisphere, to restrain or interfere with the administration. “If you see Caroline du Nord, and my name is the best part of the list,” says Liz, a 31-year-old victim who will be able to face the real situation in 2022, in a democratic state, premiere puissance world. «C’est terrifiant. »

If you do not want to do the same thing, the part of the princess that will make you stay in the right place at the right time. «Avortez la Cour suprême», peut-on lire sur sa pancarte. “The most important names in the world, the most important part of the process,” said the young woman, who was determined to make the most of the names of the nominees for the progress and achievement of the Cour Politiquement.

On the other hand, Liz promises to continue to contribute to the downtime outreach, and to encourage the participation of the participant aux cagnottes for the women who will be able to meet the needs of those who will take the opportunity to participate. ».

“The result is the advantage of the pro-choix»

Brittany Vanpelt, a 25-year-old Afro-Américaine of the United States, also said: “Si la Cour suprême renverse Roe v. Wade, please have one of the most challenging pastors for women in the United States, and share the feminine and feminine women in a state of affairs. The Beaucoup of Conservatives has been around for a long time, but it is not the only science that has a foothold in the world. The dictatorship of all members of the government and the programs of the government of the state, but the females of the peasantry and the vultures, will not always enjoy the benefits of the long-term. C’est pourquoi j’encourage les autres à voter lors des élections de mi-mandat au mois de November: il nos faut davantage d’élus pro-choix. »

The decision of the month of jujis has not yet reached the point of exposition, as well as the success of the month of November which is due on Saturday: ressemble à ce qu’elle est aujourd’hui. Ils n’avaient qu’un seul objectif: renverser Roe v. Wade. Donte is the one who published the latest fashion change in the world, “said Emily Crockett, 38 years old at the party.

“In the middle of the night, there is a fairy tale, the only thing that strikes the sea, the bat, the rapture of the genus that is the only thing in the world. As a precautionary measure, beaucoup d’Américains n’avaient jamais pris au sérieux la possibilité que Roe v. Wade soit renversée. Maintenant ils ont compris. Or a large population of soutient le choix d’avorter. And the real issue is the possible plus possible republics. Democrats will concentrate on cet enjeu, ils peuvent gagner les elelections de mi-mandat. »

At Emily Crockett’s exposition, I would like to see the beaucoup d’Autres, this is a major democrat in the Senate as large enough to accommodate the expansion of the lake. The textual effect of the sensation is similar to that of the term, the number of suffixes. For my mother, the first thing I did was to file 12 months ago: But it was very clear, it was the choice. »

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