Cardano founder says you’ll be able to use Hydra in microtransactions


Charles Hoskinson shared in the upcoming works that will be completed in 2022.

Cardano is the 5th largest crypto blockchain network and its mark is ranked 7th in the market. A team of developers behind the Cardano Blockchain network is constantly experimenting in the Cardano Blockchain network to bring the highest and most efficient networks in the crypto industry to the realities of crypto and blockchain technology.

Recently Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, appeared in an interview. Charles said all work to bring about success in blockchain and Layer2 scaling is nearing completion.

Charles said:

“I think it will all happen as I mentioned – side windows, plumbing, access permits, library extensions, Hydra and Mithril.”

In particular, at Hydra, Charles said many things remain to happen at Hydra. However, people will be able to control minor incidents on the hydra.

“There are degrees and flavors as there will be a lot of Hydra material, but you can use Hydra for other things like microtransactions.”

Also, Charles said that the new development project this year will create all the necessary features to compete with the high-tech network Contract blockchain.

Charles also said that new development projects will allow developers to do architecture to increase solar network blockchain, at any time.

“You can always refine the pipes and do more on the heart rate and the same for the assistants – there are always ways to improve this”

The founder of Cardano said that there is currently a lot of competition with Solana blockchain networks but here Cardano blockchain will provide better results and greater distribution.

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