| The US CDC is telling people to ditch cloth masks and use N95 ones for Omicron protection


Breathing, “properly dressed” protects better than fabric or surgical masks, the CDC said.

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  • The US CDC is urging Americans to elevate their mask games in front of the Omicron brand.
  • The organization says that the best mask for you is the one that fits you best (covering your nose and mouth) and that you should always wear it.
  • But the new guidelines show for the first time that the CDC has agreed that it would be wise for everyone – even non-medical professionals – to use the NOS-approved N95, the gold standard for HIV prevention.
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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is urging Americans to upgrade their shell games, in the face of the more widespread forms of Omicron.

The health council still states that “every mask is better than no mask,” and the best eye mask is the one that suits you best, and you will wear it continuously.

But, in the face of increasing levels of infectious diseases, the CDC released a new guideline Friday evening emphasizing that it is safe, and especially now, to use the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.NIOSH) -acceptable, N95 masks to protect yourself from the virus, even if you are not a medical professional.

“While all masks and puffs provide protection, well-placed puffs provide adequate protection,” the new guide, was released Friday night, read.

High quality, well-prepared medical masks preventing the spread of the virus near-perfect, making them an important tool in preventing coronavirus infection, mortality, and the spread of new species. The N95, when properly manufactured, filters at least 95% of the tiny particles in the atmosphere. The Environmental Protection Agency they test their filtering efficiency at 98.4%.

Loose fabric masks offer the best protection, while the best N95 is the best

“N95s provide the most effective protection against coronavirus,” the CDC said Friday.

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This new guideline shows the dramatic changes in the skull technology for ordinary people. From the earliest days of the epidemic, the CDC urged ordinary people who were not at the forefront of the epidemic to refrain from using N95 breaks, and asked that the most effective masks be delivered to medical personnel.

But now that more sophisticated masks made from medical devices are available to consumers, there is no reason for people to regret using them to protect themselves and their families from getting sick.

“Breasts are designed to protect you from air filtering and close to the face to filter out microscopic particles, including the virus that causes Covid-19,” the new CDC technology explains, and provides a valid system for considering your immune system. it provides.

Here is a 4-step process that an organization uses to explain how you can think about how good your mask is:

  • Loose-fitting clothing offers less protection
  • Well-designed materials offer extra protection,
  • Well-designed surgical masks and KN95s provide extra protection
  • NIOSH’s well-equipped ventilators (including N95) provide the highest level of protection.
  • The CDC still claims that the documents are exclusive surgery N95 respirators – a special component of N95 that provides additional protection against life-threatening risks such as blood “should be stored for use by health workers.”

“Whatever you choose, it should be well-fitted (ie, fitted to the face with no gaps around the neck or around the nose) and comfortable when well-worn (covering the nose and mouth) so you can keep it. At the right time,” the CDC said in a new statement.

But beware of deceitful schemes, declaring NIOSH accreditation, when they are not.

“The CDC goes on to say that every mask is better than no mask,” CDC Director Rochelle Walensky told reporters Wednesday, after being briefed on how to improve the mask. “We urge all Americans to wear adequate masks to protect themselves and prevent the spread of Covid-19, and that attitude will not change.”

South African law requires only a mask to cover the nose and mouth, although at least two cloth masks are recommended.

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