What is Boosie Net Worth 2019?

Boosie Net Worth 2019

Boosie Badazz formerly known as Lil Boosie is an American rapper and record producer who’s been in the game for years. All through his time in the industry, he’s been able to release a number of 6 studio albums and several mixtapes, and has also produced for other music artists. This has made him famous in the U.S., and endeared him to the heart of a great many music lovers. Boosie may not be a big name in the American music industry right now, but he’s sold records and sold out concerts across the states and in Europe, all of these have contributed in giving Boosie an incredible net worth for one who isn’t even an A-list rapper.

Early Life

Torrence Hatch Jr well known by his stage name Boosie was given birth to on the 14th of November 1983 in the Louisiana ghetto town of Baton Rouge. The rapper was born into a really poor home. His parents were super broke and engaged in menial jobs just to survive. His father who should have been there for the family and provided for their material needs was only concerned about himself, and the need to gratify his desire for hard drugs. Boosie’s dad was a drug addict and spent every little money he got on hard drugs. He fought with this obsession till his death in 1997.

Boosie was enrolled in McKinley High School located in his hometown of Baton Rouge. The problem is, Boosie cared less for school and learning. In no time, he dropped out of school as a teenager and took to the streets. He began dealing with drugs and became a local gangster. All of these got him arrested and sentenced to jail where he was incarcerated for five years.

Having left high school as a teenager, Boosie returned as an adult to complete his GED. If Boosie had been disciplined enough as a teenager, he just may have made it into the NBA, as he really was good at the sport.

Music Career

Right from childhood, music had always had a place in the heart of Boosie. At age 14, he started his career in music. Thanks to his cousin Young Bleed, he got to meet C-Loc – a famous Baton Rouge rapper and record executive who was a big name in the music industry back then. From that day henceforth, Boosie looked up to C-Loc and had him tutor him on the music business.

It was also during this time the young Boosie became a member of the music group “Concentration Camp.”

His debut studio album Youngest Of Da Camp got released in the year 2000, and reached number 96 on the Billboard R&B charts. He was only seventeen then. The album had his mentor C-Loc and other music artists featured on it. His follow up album, For My Thugs got released in 2002, and had music artists as Webbie and Pimp C on it. The album did poorly and has sold just 90,000 copies till date.

Boosie’s big break came in 2005 when he signed a huge deal with major record label Warner Bros. His studio album – Bad Azz with his new imprint did so well and sold over 41,000 copies in its first week. This is his most successful album yet. In 2007, Boosie acheived an incredible feat by having his single Wipe Me Down peak at no 38 at the Billboard Hot 100.

In 2009, Boosie created his own record label Bad Azz Music Syndicate, and has got music artists under his wing.

Let me guess, the question going through your mind right now is, how much is Boosie net worth? The answer to the question is right here.

Net Worth Of Boosie in 2019

The rapper Boosie is currently estimated to have a net worth of $4 million dollars. All of his wealth comes from album sales, concerts, shows, sponsorship and endorsement deals. According to a reliable source, the rapper recently got himself a $2.6 million dollars home.

Boosie is wealthy and makes sure society regards him as such. He owns a fleet of luxury cars and even gifted his daughter a sports car on her sixteenth birthday.


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