Blue Boy (2021) Short Film Review


Directed by: #AndyKastelic

Posted by: #AndyKastelic

Player: #JackForcinito, #GennaroLeo, #VirginiaAsbury

Short Video Comment by: Emily Davison

A former world boxing player who turned out to be the owner of a Las Vagas restaurant, was visited by a young warrior who was desperate in this short film neo noir.

Director and writer Andy Kastelic has worked on several award-winning short films with his Balian Pictures production company and his passion for storytelling and film continues to be a catalyst for filmmaking. This 20-minute broadcast may be temporary, but it fills a heap of good things, even though it is not the first movie or the occasional thriller.

Blue Boy (2021) is a short video clip

We open with a proper setting and tone, with a radio announcer commenting on one of Blue’s (Forcinito) boxing kits, as well as a long-range Blue shooter on a motorcycle, waiting for a train pass. In the same way as Pulp Fiction (1994), we are also introduced to a young boxer fleeing a match wearing his shorts and boxing gloves, running through the openings and escaping what appears to be a dangerous scene. Bobby (Leo) is in trouble with the horror of Battleaxe Sue (Lorri Layle Oliver) after failing to get down to his final battle and needs a way out, looking for Blue Boy as he believes he is a child of another age. time boxer.

Blue Boy is a beautiful video with vivid, vivid visuals from Kastelic. Colorful colors through neon lighting fit into any frame and although the selection sometimes seems more temporary than objects, it is difficult not to be distracted by the visual. A similar Blue shot with Bobby shadow boxing against a black background in neon reflective glasses, as they walk around looking like a dance routine.

The film portrays things as a dream through its appearance and often meditation, its main theme being an old boxer getting to know the so-called kid who doesn’t know him. Forcinito offers an excellent service in this position, dealing with the emotional and physical challenges of his personality. Nicholas Duron’s well-crafted design combines powerful vocals with stunning style, enhancing drama and great action. At the end of it there is a good punch with a well-designed, well-coordinated fight as Blue manages to find his inner strength, inspired by the love he still feels for his old fire, Penny (Asbury).

Although Blue Boy often dangerous and perhaps over-the-top, with high-quality films and slow-moving sequences, the short-lived still has an impressive clock with its own well-designed features and high-performance preferences.


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