Black activists say critical race theory hurts Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy

By Sandra Rose | Monday, January 17, 2022

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As the country celebrates the day of Martin Luther King Jr., black activists say anti-apartheid ideology tarnishes his legacy.

“The most critical concept of competition is that one or more racist groups are racist, and that they cannot be redeemed and cannot be forgiven,” Emery McClendon said. told Fox News on the Sabbath. “This concept is in direct conflict with the Scriptures and the morals of civilized people.”

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“Dr. King taught about love and the need for people to judge one another according to our character, not just our skin color, ”said McClendon, a member of Project 21.

Members of Project 21, the Black leadership team, also said that the CRT dispute undermines King’s dream of seeing all people united.

McClendon argues that the theory of rivalry and the 1619 Project causes divisions and divisions among nations.

“Given that the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory has raised the issue of ‘systemic tsacism,’ it is important to reconsider why it is so important to achieve Dr. King’s dream of climbing a mountain,” McClendon said. in a press release Sunday.

“CRT is a very dangerous theory and at the beginning of its training, it makes black students and others always feel inferior and helpless who are stigmatized with no way to change, or advance,” McClendon told Fox News.

“We must emphasize that everyone can succeed and pursue the American Dream through hard work and dedication,” McClendon said.

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