Biden-Sprecherin Jen Psaki sagt Goodbye

In one of the most popular journalist articles in the White House for the first time: The press release from the US Presidency, Jen Psaki, three. The only thing that can be done is a black whale.

Abschied from Briefing-House in the White House in Washington: Nach fast 16 Months by Sprecherin von US-Präsident Joe Biden has been Jen Psaki on Frequency on the flights Mal the Fragen der Correspondents gestellt. “This is a very special thing, it is a very emotional thing,” said the 43-year-old – who were the perfect match for the best of the best. Psaki gehörte zu den prominenten Gesichtern der Regierung des Demokraten Biden. With the Bereaved Vinesprecherin Karine Jean-Pierre (44) nachbernimmt nach Psaki erstmals eine Schwarze Frau den wichtigen Posten.

Psakis Weggang zeichnete sich bereits im April ab. You can see the difference between the two. Nach Medienberichten soll sie aber zum liberalen Fernsehsender MSNBC wechseln. Since then, we have been the Freemasons of the US Presidency and the First Lady Jill Biden, the Team Team in the United States. “I have been my best friend, I have been my best friend, I have been my best friend, and I will always be one of my friends,” he said. “Das ist gelebte Democrats.” The mutter of two small kernels in the kidney will be completely destroyed by Ehemann.

In fact, in the past, it was also the case with Wahlsieg with bidder in the current Rolle gesprochen habe, said in the official language, “Integrity, Respect and Excellence in the White House of Commerce.” Unter den Sprecherinnen and Sprechern von Biden-Vorgänger Donald Trump waren die werktäglichen Pressekonferenzen abgeschafft worden. Trump will be the critique of Medien als “Feinde des Volkes”. With Psaki to make the legal imposition of the Confederations and a respiratory matter Umgang with the Journalists in Briefing-Raum zurück.

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