Benriach miniatures launched for Burns Night

Benriach has set up three packs of small items at a time to enjoy while riding at Zoom, roasting at a Burns dinner, or sitting on the fire.

The quote was coined by Dr Rachel Barrie, also known as Scotch’s first whiskey lady, to describe the taste of whiskey that makes them ideal for experts and whiskey lovers.

Known for his long-standing habit of non-alcoholic beverages, peated and triple as well as a great storehouse from around the world, the story was masterfully compiled by Rachel and her team.

Reflecting the diversity and flexibility of the Benriach fruit orchard style, this color combines with the aroma of whiskey.

The Original Ten and Smokey Ten

Rachel said: “Inspired by the original bottling of Original Ten, with its fruitful texture and smooth, round, new color it reflects the 1898 origins of Benriach, who lived in the 21st century through a mix of distilling styles. and amazing courses.

‘In the new Ten Commandments, a well-rounded, rounded plant can be identified, while the Twelve Balance grows well with a variety of complex fruit, which reaches its peak in twelve years.

‘New Smoky Ten and Smoky Twelve explore Benriach’s delicious smoke, masterfully made from other types of rum, virgin oak and marsala casks woven with bourbon and sherry.

The Twelve and Smoky Twelve

‘The Benriach brand is one of those with new opportunities, building on more and more traditions. I invite the drinker to join me on this creative journey, as we explore the many rewards of Single Malt whiskey. ‘

The packages include Benriach – The Original Ten and The Smokey Ten, for £ 10; Benriach – The Twelve and The Smokey Twelve for £ 12; and Benriach – The Original Ten, The Smokey Ten and The Twelve, for £ 16.

First Ten puts a smooth and multi-colored signature of Benriach. Three jars mature for at least ten years in barrels of bourbon, sherry casks and virgin oak, to form layers of precious fruit, shiny malt honey and fried oak, all combined with an unmistakable smoke. The ideal introduction to the signature style is Speyside Single Malt rich.

First Ten, The Smokey Ten and The Twelve

The Smoky Ten is applied using smoked barley smoke and Highland peat. The precious Highland peat trees provide delicious and smoky notes in Benriach whiskeys. Enriched by the maturity of three cassettes using bourbon barrels, toasted virgin oak and Jamaican rum casks of layers of sun-dried fruit, fragrant aromas and fried oak spices. Smoky Ten is a good introduction to researchers who want to try a different type of whiskey from the oldest brewery in Islay.

Twelve are the rich and smooth words of the Benriach Single Malt. Mature in sherry form with the addition of bourbon and port casks, this impressive malt has layers of cooked fruit, the taste of maple honey and oak spices.

The Smoky Twelve is a wonderful marriage of fruit, malt, oak and lots of smoke. Bourbon, sherry and Marsala this soft plant is interspersed with the aroma of ripe fruit, the fragrant aroma of smoke and the aroma of oak.

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