Beat the Blue Monday slump with the ultimate self care evening

If you have visited a social networking site today, you can find out that it is Blue Monday.

Blue Monday, according to Cliff Arnall of Cardiff University Center for Lifelong Learning, is said to be the saddest day of the year. Research has confirmed this due to a number of factors including the weather, the approach of Christmas and how we can live without much money to save and the time of January when encouragement can be calm.

You may have heard it before you went in this morning, but you may not have known about the ‘bad day’ and the fact that everyone is highlighting the ‘must’ put on yeast earlier in the week.

These days they have a great opportunity to be a blue-free Monday, the weather is not too bad, and all the power is in your hands.

Take this time to make your whole day a little better, and prepare yourself for the rest of the week.

Here are some ways to do this…

Get out

Give yourself a real chance at a good evening, social networking sites may end up every day, but today, it seems that “Blue Monday” content in “Blue Monday” is easy to miss. It can be hard to keep a positive attitude when our diet tells us how ‘we should’ feel. It will not be a problem to give your mind a break in the evening by putting your phone down after work.

Get fresh air

Whether you are working from home or elsewhere, it is best to end the day with fresh air. Hold on to your friends, loved ones or relatives and go for a good walk and walk around explaining your daily gossip and getting into a little cardio if the weather is dry, even if I walk a little, or stay in your garden, you will feel better because of it.

You time

Something that should light up your evening, is to set a time for you. Do what you love and make sure you set aside time to do it.

We can often say that we did not have time to do our favorite things during the week, whether it was a fun shower, watching your favorite program or wearing a face mask that you have been hiding for your day, or even just showing off. what a ton! Start your week by putting yourself first, because there is nothing more important.

Help your future

One thing that can make your whole week more successful, is a little planning. Do you know how you feel when you praise yourself for cleaning your room before you leave home because you feel so much better when you return home?

You can do this with very little work. Pick up your favorite lunch for work tomorrow, put on your clothes last night, set your alarm as soon as possible to make up your makeup and make yourself a fun old Tuesday. In the future you will be grateful and present you will feel very rewarding.

Wind down

Give yourself time to practice a night routine that you will not do. Finish caring for your skin, lower your whole body, read your favorite book, or watch your favorite movie. Obviously, you will have the opportunity to light candles in the light because it is the color of the evening we are going.

Any of these little things can make a difference in your evening and set you up for the rest of the week!

The next day when the world tells you that it is a bad day, think again about the little things you can do to make sure that, even if it is a small thing, you give yourself a chance to enjoy it.

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