AXIA Launches Staking Program With 192% Potential Annual Yield

History of Altcoin

  • AXIA has launched its AXC coin staking program.
  • Staking platform protects users from market instability and rising prices.
  • AXC users can earn the largest annual reward of 192 percent.

AXIA Coin (AXC), which develops itself as the world’s first crypto-deflationary crypto, has established staking a program that offers daily flexible rewards to users.

Sending AXC out of use for a period of time can help users get rewards for their value which is compact and paid on a daily basis. According to the platform, users can earn the highest annual reward of 192%

As the average annual yield (APY) of US banks reaches 0.06% in October, interest rates on mortgage accounts are very low in developed countries. However, banks are full of customers’ savings that have been saved during the epidemic. This is similar to the rise in inflation indicating that bank customers with fiat money will see their wallet fall over time due to interest rates and fixed rates.

In the meantime, AXIA’s incentives for a fixed program and provide protection for consumers from inflation rates. Staking AXC reduces spacecraft and thus contributes to the continuous growth of the entire universe. The AXIA system uses any value to burn the same amount of money and make adjustments AXC Price.

In addition, AXC’s additional value also grows from support items in AXIA Treasury. Wealth can grow over time when AXC supply decreases immediately. This is where the signals become less frequent over time, so it is beneficial for first-timers and the general public to participate in the project.

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