Well-known Hollywood Rubber Duck the Actor leads the group

In honor of World Heritage Day, the award-winning mini-drama ‘YELLOW’ enters theaters via Vimeo. A recent video by filmmaker Brian Barnes & Matthew Merenda, ‘YELLOW’ answers a sensible question that has puzzled everyone in their minds during their solitude:

“What if I wake up trapped in a duck’s body?”

Hey – you don’t know. Anything can happen.

they forget

Climbing play is Rubber Duck Player (The Matrix 4), a famous thespian who became like a torturous duck. According to David Agustín, the intriguing character of the yellow plastic boy has been a distraction to moviegoers around the country and, with great ingenuity, has earned himself the prize for Best Performance and a lifeless thing. No, serious, See. Assistants and actors Hilary Powell, Kevin Manwarren, and Cecile Garcia.

Some of the ‘YELLOW’ titles you have found include…

Best Comedy Video: Portland Comedy Film Festival
Best Parody Short (Selected): Indie Short Fest
Popular Comedy Short: Sherman Oaks Film Festival
Honored mention: London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival
Valid options: Burbank Film Festival & Jersey Shore Film Festival

Find out why audiences like the film, and why critics call the film “The Citizen Kane of Rubber Duck Movies.” (Jeff Howard, Head Programmer, Sherman Oaks Film Festival)

‘YELLOW’ is available for free play on Vimeo.

Best World Duck Day, Doubtful!

Watch Yellow PANO.

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