Australia cancels Novak Djokovic’s visa for 2nd time


Australia banned Novak Djokovicsecond visa.

The 34-year-old tennis player had his visa revoked on January 6 after arriving at Down Under – where he hopes to play in the Australian Open next week to protect his title – and was detained at a relocation center, which he did. translated by a judge Monday (10.01.22), has now been removed on the grounds of “health and order”.

As a result, Djokovic – who has not been vaccinated – could now be deported, but could still oppose the election.

Australian immigration minister Alex Hawke said in a statement: “Today I have used my power …

Djokovic’s visa was initially revoked on suspicion of “failing to provide proper proof” in order to receive vaccination.

It was later revealed that he had been tested for COVID last month, and earlier this week the star admitted to separating himself from COVID during a newspaper interview.

Djokovic insisted he “did not want to offend the journalist”, but the player admitted it was “wrong”.

In addition, the world’s top men’s tennis player revealed that on his travel ticket form, a box was printed stating that he had not traveled abroad 14 days before traveling to Australia.

The star incorrectly accused his assistant of putting a “no” box, and inserting “human error”.

He added: “In the case of my travel announcement, this was provided by my support team on my behalf – as I told the incoming and outgoing supervisors upon arrival – and my assistant sincerely apologizes for the incorrect placement on my previous trip. Before coming to Australia.

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“That was a mistake and was not intentional. We are living in critical times in a global epidemic and sometimes these mistakes can happen.

“Today, my team has provided a great deal to the Australian Government to clarify this issue.

“While I have seen the need to address the issue of corruption, I do not speak out of respect for the Australian Government and its authorities and what is happening.

“It’s always a privilege and an opportunity to play in the Australian Open. The Australian Open is very popular with players, fans and the community, not only in Victoria and Australia, but all over the world, and I just want to have the opportunity to compete with the best players in the world and play. in the presence of one of the most influential people in the world. ”


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