As record signings stumble, De Bruyne proves priceless for Man City

MANCHESTER, England – it was a goal to win Premier League theme, even with January only and there are still four months of season to play. But it is Kevin De BruyneGood press for 70 minutes Manchester City‘s 1-0 fight against Chelsea, the fact is that the title race is overshadowed by a player who, in the most expensive consumer league, is the most valuable.

After the first and second wins, City now have 13 points ahead of Chelsea’s Thomas Tuchel following 12 consecutive wins. Third place Liverpool with 14 points behind City with two games in hand, but even if they win, it is hard to imagine a Jurgen Klopp team continuing to drop an eight-point deficit to win the title.

Forget who said “anything can happen” in the last months of the season. City are set to win their fourth Premier League title in five years, as well as De Bruyne’s goal, when he comes out. N’Golo Kante‘s hard and explode before enduring in front of my right foot But Arrizabalaga from 25 yards, it was like a chef kissing to confirm.

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“I didn’t see it pass, but I saw a slight difference between the guards to turn them over, and it was possible,” De Bruyne said, without a word.

You could throw in the money to end De Bruyne’s feud with Liverpool Mohamed Salah is the best player in the Premier League. They both have a lot of power over the good of their team, but De Bruyne no doubt flies under the radar better than Salah and sometimes doesn’t get the guidance he deserves.

But it is important to place De Bruyne’s importance in the City in a different way.

This was a game that was signed by both clubs – City’s Jack Grealish and Chelsea Romelu Lukaku – continued to fight for the approval of their major exchange funds and contractors. Grealish have been keen to cheat since he made £ 100 million from Aston Villa last summer, when Lukaku’s woes on Chelsea have since returned from £ 97.5 million Inter Milan well documented and published by the actor himself, who spoke openly about his dissatisfaction with the work he was interviewed by Tuchel.

In both of these games, Grealish and Lukaku look like trying to get in the holes.

Grealish, who is accustomed to the fact that any poverty is driven by him at Villa, is hard pressed to admit that he is one of seven or eight options in City and that his powers are limited.

The England winner lost a good chance to score in the first half and won on just one second free kick. He has scored just three goals in all competitions this season, so it makes sense that he is not giving too much money to the Etihad.

Lukaku is the same as Grealish in that he has failed to wait for Stamford Bridge, scoring five Premier League goals so far after signing a contract with at least 20. Tuchel uses him in the middle, while he may be a great help from the right, but despite this, Lukaku still fails to fight back. his weight makes his opponents tackle the problems that are shooting at him.

One chance in the first round, Lukaku left John Stones and he fell upon the yoke, and, as soon as it appeared that he was shooting, he passed by Judge Ziyech and the movement was interrupted. He also missed a second chance when he tried to hit Ederson and the first shot from 20 yards.

Lukaku spends most of his time in the middle, failing to move carefully to get his defender out of the area, and his constant hand-lifting when he does not receive a passport could upset his friends and leader.

Considering the value of the contracts of the two players, City and Chelsea will remain with Grealish and Lukaku, even if they get better. The difference between the two, however, is that City have De Bruyne not to look at their high price and Chelsea are not. Lukaku does not have the skills of a clever friend who can get him and his team out of the pit with magic, as De Bruyne did in the game.

When he signed out VfL Wolfsburg in a £ 55m transfer in 2015, De Bruyne was not the least bit signed. It was a lot of money, but since then he has gone to make it look like a commercial.

If the Grealish transfer was worth £ 100m with Lukaku worth a few million, how much would it cost to sign De Bruyne in the current market?

“We have achieved what we have done together, and now I want to put a lot of pressure on him; he is the best player in the world, he is humble, and he is humble,” Guardiola said when asked about De Bruyne. “He has won the Premier Leagues with a lot of prizes, but I want more, because I know he can do it. He has everything.”

City knows he is precious. De Bruyne is a player who cannot be offered a transfer fee.

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