Are you Challenging yourself enough??

Recently, I found myself at a dead end. I was doing well, but there was no real growth or any way to push into the next level of my skill or ability.

Then I realised: I’m not challenging myself enough.

I mean, I do what I do every week without even thinking, but I don’t ever take the time to just sit down and challenge myself to grow (whatever that may look like).

So I decided to commit to a few actions:

1. Set weekly goals: I started setting weekly goals for where I want to see my skill or gifts go to in that week. You can only improve a small amount every week – but in a matter of weeks you could see a massive difference. Having realistic weekly goals will help you track your progress.

2. Find the right motivation: I think the most important aspect in challenging ourselves is finding the right motivation. We often feel demotivated and don’t even start because it’s either too hard or we are just too lazy – but finding the right kind of motivation will help you stay focused on the goal and will help you grow.


3. Prioritise: Make sure that you put first things first. Many things may be important, but a few things should take absolute priority. Make sure you get your priorities straight and do the important things. By planning what to prioritise, you are planning to succeed in life.

Always challenge yourself and never give up!


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