America, Russia and NATO look for new frontiers of influence

Why Historical Studies Neglect America, Russia and NATO The Geneva diplomatic mission ended in failure without any means of preventing hostilities on the Ukrainian border. Other important issues are how we can treat each other instead of just focusing on the things we love. People all over the world are watching the beginning of a war-free drama about the depravity, immorality, and untold suffering of countless millions of people. All the superpowers – actors of the 21st century have fictional creatures with technical skills and persuasive rhetoric about peace, security, human rights, global peace and justice. They are the hypocrites who play on the passion of the underworld and weary as if they could prevent the oncoming suffering, the dangers and the devastation of the heat in order to ensure the recurrence of human ills. To the inward human eye which illuminates global peace and harmony, it does not seem logical to describe the fears and misguided intentions of protecting the peace and dignity of the people while all actions speak of a different language of accusations based on their oppressive state. preferences. They talk about peace but they talk about the threat of war – how to describe the humor of human evil and innate deception. Did not the same drama unfold in World War I and World War II, killing millions and millions of people around the world? Human progress and future creation are at stake when history education is deliberately misinterpreted and ignored by cowardly, retaliatory and skeptical leaders. If war is the only way to find peace, then we are on the wrong side of our history and thinking about our future. It took hundreds of years for Europeans to understand the false shadows of fear of peace and unity and to join the nation building, other similarities of democracy, equality of human rights and solidarity to create a future through the EU. The logical conclusion is that Russia after the collapse of the former USSR did not conform to the ideals of Communist rule, leadership, institutions, political ideologies, policies and practices within the operating system around the world. There are clear trends in political change, free communication, elections, organizational development and globalization as well as the pursuit of reconciliation with the global system, UNO, international organizations, intimate relations with the enemy and economic and social relations. . To increase the amount of thought and understanding, Russia needs a radical change because it seems to be pursuing the interests of different countries; His role in Ukraine is not the same as that of many NATO members. Ukraine and Russia have the same historical sites as Britain, France and Germany. Would it not be extremely important for him to be involved in politics if the other people who are considered to be enemies were to approach the war in Western Europe? Understandably, true friends of the human family will not be blind to the realities of life and cause havoc in the world around us.

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