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Hive mind album

Album: Hive mind – The internet | mp3 download

You can now stream the hive mind album, a project by the very versatile singer, The internet. The los angeles based R&B group made their return back in april with Burbank Funk , it was their first single since 2015 after they were nominated for the Grammy with the album , Ego Death.

Since then they have been campaigning for Hive mind, they have been doing more songs to keep people in anticipation of the new album Hive mind. Some of the songs included Come over & La Di Di untill they finall came out with the album 2 days ago.

Hive mind constituted 12tracks in total and it features band members Syd, steve lacy,patrick paige, Chris smithh and Martins matt.

The official album is out now for stream on itunes and you can download it fro your favorite platforms or use the method below to get the tracks.

Hive mind Tracklist:

1. Come Together
2. Roll (Burbank Funk)
3. Come Over
4. La Di Da
5. Stay the Night
6. Bravo
7. Mood
8. Next Time / Humble Pie
9. It Gets Better (With Time)
10. Look What U Started
11. Wanna Be
12. Beat Goes On
13. Hold On

Stream the album below


download it free>>>

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