After fifty years of improvement and reform in Northern Ireland isn’t it time we gently surrendered to a vision larger than our old sectarian selves?


‘Back to the apostate model of humanity.’

These are the last words of a writer and a journalist Susan McKay Commenting on the unthinkable remarks of former Labor MP Kate Hoey about the country’s leadership as journalists and lawmakers.

Considering the benefits of doubt, Kate Hoey, as mentioned later, was probably trying to promote ambitions and ambitions in the ‘loyal ones’. If so, those words and messages were a mere figment of our imagination. In addition, as we explained in Professor’s article Peter Shirlow the evidence for the statements was lacking.

Koma, ‘back to the model group’ looks a little more. Less than the claims of Matthew O’Toole The MLA that Unionism adopted ‘McCarthyite’s tactics.’

You would expect a man of intelligence, knowledge, and ability to get down on his knees and avoid the patriotic fervor that pervades political agendas, which have long since disappeared.

Unionism, after all, did not oversee Stormont for almost 50 years.

Based on the constant history of the past and its worst enemy but as evidenced by the words of many Republican and nationalist commentators, Unionist Dominance it will not be so as long as alliances and alliances exist.

Where, discrimination it is not here and there has never been a single opportunity for any group.

In 2019, I lived with a fellow Derryman Eamon McCann andand studio at Radio Foyle to comment on events in Derry, August 1969. I look forward to the information, Thunderclap Newman and ‘Something in the Air’ came. Eamonn began to sing. “Eamonn, I loved that song,” I replied.

Instead, it is’Whiter Shade of Pale‘at the top of my list. In the 1960s, there was more to Derry air than just CS Gas.

Susan McKay is quoted as saying that, while growing up in Derry, heresy was directed at Catholics on the issue of employment in another area of ​​public service.

I heard the same thing, people who had seen them throw money from the walls to Bogside while shouting insults and hearing the ‘No Surrender’ screams grow louder as the groups marched closer to the Nationalist areas towards the end of the demonstrations.

They often respond with the same criticism

Poverty of housing and the line of many unemployed people outside the Labor Exchange would not be missed. Creggan homes and other neighborhoods and the wealth of others who found employment in Du Pont and the companies attracted by early industrial and incentives were welcomed but not enough and not for the Nationalists.

In the vicinity of the predominantly Protestant region, the dire situation of many rented outdoor toilets and outdoor toilets with no bathrooms and the uncertainties in church, politics, social networking and beliefs, made it clear that there was a need for radical change. . in politics to areas beyond ethnic loyalty.

Moving young Protestant homes into the textile industry at Antrim and Carrickfergus and into England and elsewhere was just as deplorable as it was in non-Protestant homes.

Against the backdrop of railways and posters closing the decision to reject the development of Derry University and the willingness of many young people and senior members of the Unionist movement to oppose the old saying, promote change and stand by the Civil Rights Movement which has been temporarily granted as an organizational opportunity. a better future.

But that opportunity was lost for not being able to see politics or anything other than copying party logos.

Protestant opposition to ‘not the inch’, the isolation of the ideology of ‘nationalism’ ideology, media coverage and head-scratching practices, secretive racism and unwillingness to look beyond its borders encouraged people in the community to forge relationships and violence. failed the possibility of peaceful democratic change.

Without any cause, the possibility of persuasion and waiting for something to happen, the community had to settle on a path that was built above anything else by the exhaustion of war and to encourage outside stakeholders to make this possible. But over the age of fifty, we find (as if waking up from a long dream) the original way to change he has changed things, and he has changed a lot.

In line with the laws on justice and social justice and in the face of major changes in communities, schools, homes and employment, there is now an opportunity for politicians to work if political and stakeholder leaders can continue to explore all issues to see how they will affect their racial attraction. . , story, interest and power; and showing a real departure from the apostate ideas and history that try to leave the ‘others’.

It is not just where most people are growing, but they also want to be.

Kate Hoey’s comments and other comments that have attracted them are changing in the changing landscape as the pro-Alliance groups and individuals who do not want to be defined and the contamination of the former freedom fighters’ union against the Protestant movement.

They are not all on the same page but because of their failure to write the old PUL letters there is no desire to resurrect or ‘return to the old apostate model.’ Where the Belfast Alliance was seen as a loser by many in many affiliated groups, it is now regarded as a policy that can provide a secure future for inclusion, dignity and equality of respect was once promoted by others whose actions show that it was a mere figment of the imagination of ‘parrot speech.’

Learn from the ideas and ideas of the Civil-Unionist and its indications are positive and encouraging.

There is no interest in fighting a civil war as culture seems to be mixed and incompatible with knowledge. Gaelic games or languages ​​are non-threatening and sometimes seemingly beneficial to be in a mixed environment Northern Ireland is becoming slower. Those who see it all as ‘colonialism’ have the right to see their views but are seen as ‘extremely oppressed’ in their interpretation based on the Greek style received and encouraged by non-Catholics.

If they are required to seek medical or legal advice on faith, race or social status is not required for courtship. Politics is based on issues of well-being, justice and equality, well-being, education and the value of life. Characters are differentiated the reason the number of pro-Union voters who do not vote for Unionist parties and the requirements of making Northern Ireland work for everyone.

Against one The government’s major reach in Dublin is particularly in the wake of the development of the Shared Island initiative (a viable option, but since allies do not have time to consider their views on this, it is not appropriate to act as others in the state seem to think), referring to the All-Ireland Economy (where mid-trade and a more accurate picture of reality) and requires the FDI alliance, there is a desire to remain involved and to encourage the political alliance to act wisely.

Similarly, there is a desire to see Unionist politicians seek leadership in the United Kingdom and stop begging. The potential of the NI Protocol with limitations such as increased, productive and empowering influence in obtaining a license point is widely recognized.

There politicians and self-identified people seem to be unwilling to see or accept this; choosing instead to be frustrated and showing what is about to die of old ideas of commentary like Kate Hoey and Ruth Dudley Edwards whose self-deprecating and confusing comments on Colin Harvey put everything on the brink of change.

You should ask: ‘Who wants to return to a model of human rebellion?’ It is too late for them to stand up and read their words.

We cultivate confidence at a distance, as well as any mistrust. ”
– Tim Berners-Lee

Photo taken by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič pa Unsplash

Terry Wright is a former UUP member who, in addition to community-based activities, works independently to promote Civic Unionism.


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