ADALend CEO Kaspars Koskins : “We Are Building a Secure Lending Platform on Cardano”

From ADALend CEO Kaspars Koskins interview list, one of the most reliable companies that is leveraging lending companies using blockchain technology to tackle stigmatized people – providing access to unpredictable loans to those who are neglected by traditional banks and providing higher yields to regular investors. a place with low interest rates. I hope you enjoyed the discussion as we are so let’s jump in.

Q: Welcome to Kaspars, we know you are a busy gentleman these days and are setting up an ADALEnd rental system with a quarterly mark but thank you for taking the time to talk to us today. Let’s start with a very high level – you can give us a high ADALend trail for those of us who are new to Decentralized Finance and Crypto (or Web3 as they call it today!).

Koskins: It ‘s great to be here and I’m happy to share with your audience a little more about what we are building on ADALEnd and how to get involved but first let me explain briefly in human terms what our goal is.

We are developing a more flexible, reliable, and distributed distribution system that keeps users in a self-governing environment. From day one, we committed to building natively on the Cardano blockchain, which will enable the lending platform to align with policies that support businesses that provide financial support to billions of users.

ADALEnd will also bring power between lenders and lenders. By allowing the use of digital assets as security, use of the platform will vary for the benefit of the user.

Q: Thanks for that – can you tell the audience a little bit why you chose Cardano blockchain when there are already some great DeFi applications built on Ethereum with new blockchains like Solala for example?

Koskins: Of course, let me start by explaining that Ethereum is no longer used by most people in the world because of the huge retail cost. Gas revenue for Ethereum has reached hundreds of dollars annually last year. This may not be the case for ordinary people in the West today but for the millions of people who do not have banks in developing countries in Africa and Asia, this makes ETH useless when they need to borrow and reduce very little money. So Ethereum has become a 2 layer blockchain for the rich and newcomers you mention as Solana has problems with centralization and reliability. Cardano is the only blockchain with the necessary security, speed and low cost required to provide a democratic solution that can be used by anyone in the world – and our vision fits well with Cardano Charles Hoskins. promoting economic outcomes for people around the world, regardless of race, nationality, gender or wealth.

Q: Thank you, that is Kaspars’ most powerful voice, and we are privileged to have projects like Cardano and platforms like ADALend that can bring about this vision of inclusion for democracy.

For this reason and for the purpose of doing good in the world, many of our readers are managers, professionals and small business owners who oversee their operations and ask themselves how to maintain their headquarters and get better yields in a hyperinflationary environment when interested. prices are very low. People are seeing their retirement nest or children’s college fund drop down due to the economic crisis we are experiencing today in the US, Europe and many other developed areas. How can these middle-aged, hard-working people benefit from ADALEnd?

Koskins: Well this is another aspect of money isn’t it. One of the reasons I was encouraged to get ADAlend was that in my home country of Estonia in northern Europe, I worked as a mortgage lender and also a mortgage lender. I have seen for myself how people fail to get good interest from banks and were genuinely worried about their future as prices and the cost of living go up faster than wages. The hands of the banks are tied when interest rates are set by the Federal Reserve in the US and the European Central Bank in the EU. I started researching Decentralized Finance (DeFi) as a way to earn a living on my family’s money that led me to the rabbit hole and brought us here today.

Our commitment to ADALend lenders is that we will provide a secure lending platform where they can save hard-earned money in Cardano (ADA) or ADAlend token (ADAL) or a fixed currency type such as USDT or USDC and gain market share. -beaucts the yield on it in one-digit high or two-percent lower. The ADALend platform is very fluid without long-term closure so our lenders will receive interest at a time when their savings are “at risk” on the platform and can be withdrawn at any time.

The other part is for lenders – many small business owners, entrepreneurs and self-employed may find it difficult to borrow money from traditional banks to buy a car, pay less at home, invest in their business or pay for a vacation vacation. At ADALEnd we do not process credit checks and do not care about payment history. Traditional banks and lenders do not recognize digital assets as collateral. We will offer a mortgage lender to these lenders where they can deposit their digital assets such as Bitcoin, Cardano or any other major crypto currency and we will lend them US Dollars or Euros against what they have. This will provide an important opportunity for many hard-working professionals and freelancers who have not been neglected by banks. By the way, over-the-counter lending has been used by 1% of the world’s richest people to pay their living and expenses and raise taxes for years. ADALEnd is now bringing these financial answers to anyone who was once a fortune for the rich.

Q: This is a very good goal – and I love to see you help the middle class like us and the poorest people in the world.

Let’s talk about corporations, investors and technology. I understand that DeFi and CeFi (central finance) are very competitive, especially before you start your first DEX (IDO) offering in March 2022, but what can you share in the region without all our readers signing an NDA?

Koskins: Absolutely – you hit the nail on the head, the space is still growing in competition over the day from some new DeFi building features on other blockchains and CeFi incumbents like BlockFi so we have to choose what we can reveal. However, I can share information with you today,

On the technical side – using the Cardano blockchain, ADALEnd will be able to enter the major digital currency market. By creating a technology that allows everyone to share their digital money and make it available on credit, ADALEnd opens up access to blockchain-based financing. We want to be a native of Cardano in everything we do and build a platform using Haskell and Plutus and work within the existing limits of Smart Contracts on this blockchain.

In addition to the agreement, Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK) has listed ADALend on the “Essential Cardano List” for projects that are considered to be part of the environment to support and provide Cardano users with products and services. We are also registered on and I know that our Business Development team is working hard on a number of exciting relationships that we will be announcing in February which will really move the needle so check out this post!

In terms of finance, we were delighted to have the most prestigious Venture Capital from Moonwhale Ventures as our major Investor and our private sales are about to close. We are now in a very good financial position and we are choosing the right ones from whom to invest, because we do not want to favor VCs more than retailers as many projects do. We also store quality ADAL tokens for our community.

Q: This is good news for Kasparas – I often hear that new crypto projects are giving a lot of money to VCs who just stop selling. It seems that you are very much involved in ADALEnd and provide opportunities for small and medium-sized investors to access private secret VC reserved accounts, as an experienced Investor I would like to greet you!

I must say, after today’s discussion I am eager to participate and I am sure our audience is also. Where can they learn more about private marketing, public IDO implementation and how to take it?

Koskins: Thank you for the kind words and thank you for communicating today – I enjoyed it and sometimes I still have to pinch myself when I realize how far we have come in the last year! Of course, we are in the final stages of private marketing now if you or your readers want to sign up for the distribution of ADAL tokens you can send an email. [email protected] is entitled “Communication with the CEO” and I will make sure that our privacy team responds to them ASAP. You can find more information on our site

Q: Thank you for your time Kaspars, and I will be back to this house.

Koskins: Congratulations, and I take this opportunity to wish you and your readers a wonderful and rewarding year!

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