43UK6090PUA Review: A Mid-range LG 4K Television

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The LG 43UK6090PUA is an impressive mid-range television with good picture quality, wide viewing angles, excellent response time, and a low input lag. Also, it has a user-friendly operating system. However, it features a poor contrast ratio, lacks Bluetooth, and its peak brightness is subpar.

Design, Dimension, And Weight


Display Features And Picture Quality


Ports And Connectivity Features



  • 1. Brilliant smart OS
  • 2. Good viewing angles
  • 3. Good for gamers
  • 4. Sufficient ports
  • 5. Miracast


  • 1. Poor display brightness
  • 2. Lacks local dimming
  • 3. No Bluetooth
  • 4. Poor contrast ratio
LG 43UK6090PUALG 43UK6090PUA

Have you been searching for a TV with decent features and performance? If you have, then this 43UK6090PUA review is for you.

This review will provide you with the necessary information about the LG 43UK6090PUA. To achieve that, we will be discussing its design features, picture quality, and sound features.

That is not all, I will also talk about the ports and connectivity of the TV as well as its smart features. Furthermore, I will be rating the TV at the end of each section based on my opinion and its performance.

Therefore, if you do not want to miss out on anything about the LG 43UK6090PUA, you should read this review article all the way through.

43UK6090PUA Review: My Initial Thoughts

43UK6090PUA Review: My Initial Thoughts43UK6090PUA Review: My Initial Thoughts

The LG UK6090 is a 4K television that is available in five distinct sizes, enabling users to buy the one that suits their needs and pocket. These sizes include 43-inch, 49-inch, 50-inch, 60-inch, and 65-inch.

In this article, I will be reviewing the 43-inch model of this television which is known as the LG 43UK6090PUA. The LG 43UK6090PUA, just like other models of the television, is a 4K resolution smart television that packs a lot of exciting features.

This TV is also very affordable, going for a price of about $572.54. However, you should be aware that this price was only applicable when I wrote this article in May 2022.

Aside from its affordable price, will the LG 43UK6090PUA provide the kind of performance that will attract buyers? Well, you are about to find out in the remaining sections of this review.

43UK6090PUA Design, Dimension, And Weight Review

The LG 43UK6090PUA comes with a basic but functional design. As I mentioned previously, its display size is 43-inch, which is large enough to enjoy all your multimedia content.

In addition to that, the LG 43UK6090PUA’s display is surrounded by fairly thin bezels. These bezels are made of plastic, and they have a glossy black finish.

However, the bezels feel quite cheap and light due to their build material – the plastic used to make the bezels are not solid. Nevertheless, the bottom bezel features an “LG” logo at the center that beautifies the front view of the television.

Besides, the LG 43UK6090PUA comes with a pair of V-shaped legs. These legs are responsible for supporting the TV when you decide to place it on a table.

Moreover, just like the bezels, the legs are made of plastic, and they have a glossy black finish. Moreover, the legs span the television from edge to edge.

Therefore, you will require a fairly wide table to place the television on. Thankfully, the legs provide enough stability for the LG 43UK6090PUA.

However, that doesn’t mean the TV won’t wobble if you nudge with force.

Proceeding to the rear of the LG 43UK6090PUA, you will find a plastic panel. Despite being made of plastic, this rear panel is quite solid and is nothing to worry about.

This brings us to talk about the 200 x 200 VESA holes. The 200 x 200 VESA holes are in the rear panel of the television, which are specifically used for mounting the LG 43UK6090PUA on the wall.

One thing you should be aware of, however, is that this TV will stick out of the wall if wall-mounted. The reason is that the television as well as its rear panel is quite thick.

Speaking of the thickness, the LG 43UK6090PUA measures an overall thickness of 81.2 mm. When it comes to the overall size of the TV, it measures 977.9 x 81.2 x 574 mm (W x D x H).

Meanwhile, when it comes to the weight, this TV weighs 8300.7 g.

Comparatively, the LG 43UK6090PUA is lighter and slimmer than the LG 43UK6500PLA. Specifically, the LG 43UK6500PLA weighs 9000 g and measures 975 x 86.4 x 571 mm (W x D x H).

Before I offer the LG 43UK6090PUA a rating, it is important to be aware that this TV lacks a cable management system. As a result, you will need to manually arrange the cables attached to the television to make them look organized.

Considering all I have discussed in this design review section, I will rate the LG 43UK6090PUA a seven out of ten.

43UK6090PUA Display Features And Picture Quality Review

43UK6090PUA Display Features And Picture Quality Review.43UK6090PUA Display Features And Picture Quality Review.

In this section, I will be talking about the display features of the LG 43UK6090PUA. To start with, this television features a 43-inch display with 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) resolution.

4K UHD resolution is the best resolution available in the television world today, and it is more pixels than FHD or HD resolution. Therefore, with the 4K UHD resolution, the LG 43UK6090PUA’s display should deliver sharp and realistic picture quality.

In addition to its 4K UHD resolution, this television also has a feature that is known as 4K upscaling. The importance of this feature is to improve the quality of lower resolution content such as SD or HD content to a 4K resolution standard.

This enables you to get the best quality from almost every content you watch on the television.

For more information about the display features of this television, let us talk about its display panel. Regarding that, the LG 43UK6090PUA’s display uses an IPS (in-plane switching) panel.

As a result, this television’s display offers wide viewing angles. Therefore, if you have a wide sitting area for watching the TV, you can sit anywhere and still get an enjoyable view and picture quality.

At this point, let us talk about the contrast ratio of the television’s display. If you don’t know what contrast ratio means, it is the difference between the brightest whites and deepest blacks of a display.

Furthermore, a high contrast ratio such as 3000:1 or above is preferable because it makes the display produce deep blacks. Unfortunately, the LG 43UK6090PUA’s display has a poor contrast ratio of 1,096:1.

Hence, it won’t be able to produce deep blacks. In other words, the blacks that the display produces tend to look grayish.

As a result, movies with lots of shadowy or dark scenes, such as horror movies, might not be enjoyable on the television. However, the display’s poor contrast ratio isn’t much of a surprise because it features an IPS panel.

Basically, displays with IPS panel usually have poor contrast ratios but wide viewing angles. Disappointingly, the LG 43UK6090PUA lacks a local dimming feature.

Should the TV have had local dimming, it would have boosted its display’s contrast ratio. To clarify, local dimming is a display feature that improves the contrast ratio of a display by dimming backlight zones.

Thus, with a local dimming feature, blacks on the display would have appeared darker than they would without local dimming. In doing so, improving the overall picture quality and viewing experience of the television.

Apart from its lack of a local dimming feature, the LG 43UK6090PUA’s display offers a poor peak brightness. Specifically, the display has a maximum brightness of 296 nits.

Therefore, when watching the television in well-lit or bright areas, the display will be affected by screen glares and reflections. Speaking of reflection, the LG 43UK6090PUA’s display features a semi-gloss coating that helps in preventing reflections.

Thus, using the television in bright areas should be less bothersome.

Moving on, the LG 43UK6090PUA supports an HDR format called 4K active HDR. This HDR (High Dynamic Range) format helps improve the color accuracy and brightness of the display when rendering HDR-supported content.

As a result, when watching such content on the LG 43UK6090PUA, the picture quality will be lifelikeand natural. In case you are curious, HDR-supported content can be found on streaming platforms such as HBO, Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video.

Moving on to LG 43UK6090PUA’s motion handling, let us begin with the refresh rate of the television. The television comes with a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

For your information, refresh rate means how many times per second a new image can refresh or update on a display. For example, the 60 Hz refresh rate of the LG 43UK6090PUA means its display will refresh new images 60 times per second.

Furthermore, the higher the refresh rate of a television, the smoother the images on the display. Hence, although the LG 43UK6090PUA’s 60 Hz refresh rate isn’t particularly high, it is enough for users to enjoy watching fast-moving content with minimal blur trails.

Besides, the LG 43UK6090PUA supports a display feature known as TruMotion 120. What TruMotion 120 does is duplicate the refresh rate of a display, thereby making images look smoother.

In addition to its refresh rate and TruMotion 120, the LG 43UK6090PUA offers an impressively low input lag of 11.8 milliseconds. As a result, the television should be good for gamers.

In case you are wondering, input lag means how fast it takes a display to respond to signal inputs from external sources. Such sources can be a wireless gamepad or remote control.

Hence, the lower the input lag, the faster the display will respond to signal inputs.

In summary, the LG 43UK6090PUA features an impressive display with 4K UHD resolution and an upscaling technology. It also offers good viewing angles, supports HDR, and is good for gaming due to its low input lag.

However, the television’s display features poor maximum brightness, mediocre contrast ratio, and lacks a local dimming feature. Nevertheless, the LG 43UK6090PUA deserves a rating of eight out of ten in this display features review section.

43UK6090PUA Sound Features Review

For sound production, the LG 43UK6090PUA comes with a double 10-watts speaker. These speakers are able to produce a decent sound quality.

However, they are not loud enough to fill a large room with sound. Also, the LG 43UK6090PUA does not have a subwoofer.

Therefore, the bass on the television will be flat. As a result, bass-heavy movies might not be enjoyable to watch on the television.

Nevertheless, you can purchase a soundbar alongside the television so as to get an adequate bass production.

Thankfully, the LG 43UK6090PUA’s speakers are able to deliver clear dialogue. Therefore, when you watch TV programs where two or more parties are conversing, the voices of each party will be very clear and audible.

Impressively, the television features Clear Voice III and Smart Sound Mode to improve the dialogue clarity even further. Besides that, the TV comes with Ultra Surround Sound.

This sound feature allows the television’s speakers to deliver immersive audio quality. It does this by improving the surround sound production as well as the loudness of the speakers.

Also, it conveys a cinematic sound effect and adjusts the resonated frequency of the speakers to further improve the audio quality. In addition to Ultra Surround Sound, the LG 43UK6090PUA is also equipped with DTS-HD which further improves its speakers’ sound quality.

Moving on, let us talk about the performance of the LG 43UK6090PUA on a Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) test. In brief, THD is a sound test that measures the overall distortion present in a sound system.

Basically, it measures the amount of distortion a sound system can generate. Moreover, a THD score of 1% or less implies that the sound system can only produce minimal distortion.

However, if the THD score is above 1%, that means distortion is significant. Sadly, the LG 43UK6090PUA recorded a THD score of 2.93% at 80% volume level and 5.48% at the maximum volume level.

Hence, at a moderate or maximum volume level, distortion will be significant and noticeable on the LG 43UK6090PUA.

At this point, I will like to summarize all I have said in this section before I give my rating. In summary, the sound quality of the LG 43UK6090PUA is decent, even though it lacks a subwoofer.

Also, the television features several sound technologies that enhance its sound quality and production. However, the distortion performance of the TV is terrible and disappointing.

Therefore, I will be rating the LG 43UK6090PUA a seven out of ten in this sound features review section.

43UK6090PUA Ports And Connectivity Features Review

43UK6090PUA Ports And Connectivity Features Review43UK6090PUA Ports And Connectivity Features Review

The LG 43UK6090PUA’s port selection is adequate. Some of its ports are located directly on its back, while others are on the left side.

That said, the LG 43UK6090PUA comes with three HDMI ports – one on the back and two on the left side. Impressively, one of these HDMI ports supports Audio Return Channel (ARC).

This HDMI-ARC port allows you to easily connect a soundbar to the TV. Apart from the HDMI ports, the LG 43UK6090PUA also features two USB ports – one on the left side and the other on the back of the TV.

That is not all, the television has a composite (shared component) video input and digital optical audio out on its back. Additionally, there is an RF connector for connecting an antenna and Ethernet port on the television’s back.

In terms of wireless connectivity, the LG 43UK6090PUA has an inbuilt Wi-Fi but lacks Bluetooth.

Before I round up this section of the LG 43UK6090PUA review, let us talk about the remote control of this TV. To start with, the LG 43UK6090PUA comes with a standard (AKB75375604) remote control.

It is quite unfortunate that this TV does not come with LG’s magic remote. In fact, it does not support it.

Hence, if you purchase an LG magic remote separately, it won’t work with the television. Back to the television’s standard (AKB75375604) remote control, it is a bit large and has a plastic body with a brushed black finish.

Also, the remote has many functional buttons, including a power button, search button, and a menu button. In addition to that, you will find the full number pad, volume rockers, channel rockers, and a plus-shaped navigation button on the remote.

That’s not all, the LG 43UK6090PUA’s remote also has two dedicated buttons for quick access to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The remote, however, lacks an in-built microphone for voice input.

All in all, I will be rating the LG 43UK6090PUA an eight out of ten in this section of the review.

43UK6090PUA Smart Features Review

As regards the operating system, the LG 43UK6090PUA features the LG-owned webOS. This operating system is known for its numerous advanced features and easy-to-use UI (user interface).

Moreover, the webOS offers a decent selection of pre-installed streaming services and applications. To mention a few, the OS comes with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Google TV & Movies.

Interestingly, If you want more apps, you can download tons of them from the webOS’ in-built LG Content Store. Additionally, the LG 43UK6090PUA has an internet TV known as Channel Plus.

Channel Plus offers over 400 free content, including news, sports, music, TV shows, movies, and comedy. That aside, you should be able to cast/share multimedia content from your mobile devices to the LG 43UK6090PUA with the help of Miracast.

Also, the LG 43UK6090PUA is compatible with voice AIs such as Alexa and Google Assistant. However, the television as well as its remote control lacks a built-in microphone.

Hence, to make use of the voice AIs, you need to either purchase a Google Home speaker or an Amazon Echo. Sadly, the LG 43UK6090PUA’s webOS features ads on its interface that cannot be disabled.

Nonetheless, I will be rating the LG 43UK6090PUA a nine out of ten in this smart features review section.

43UK6090PUA Review: Frequently Asked Questions

43UK6090PUA Review: Frequently Asked Questions43UK6090PUA Review: Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is the LG 43UK6090PUA A 4K Television?

Yes, the LG 43UK6090PUA features a 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) display. Hence, it is a 4K television.

Besides, the television’s 4K UHD display offers good picture quality and supports an HDR format called 4K Active HDR. However, the display has a poor contrast ratio and mediocre maximum brightness.

2. Does The LG 43UK6090PUA Have Bluetooth?

No, the LG 43UK6090PUA does not have Bluetooth.

3. How Much Is The LG 43UK6090PUA?

The LG 43UK6090PUA had a price tag of $572.54 in May 2022 (when this article was published).

4. Does The LG 43UK6090PUA Have HDR?

Yes, the LG 43UK6090PUA supports 4K active HDR. This HDR technology allows the display to produce better color accuracy and brightness.

5. Is The LG 43UK6090PUA Good For Gaming?

Yes, due to its low input lag, the LG 43UK6090PUA is good for gaming.

6. How Much Does The LG 43UK6090PUA Weigh?

The LG 43UK6090PUA weighs 8300.7 g.

7. Does The LG 43UK6090PUA Come With A Magic Remote?

No, the LG 43UK6090PUA does not come with LG’s magic remote. Instead, it features an AKB75375604 standard remote control.

8. Does The LG 43UK6090PUA Have WiFi?

Yes, the LG 43UK6090PUA has an in-built WiFi.

9. Does The LG 43UK6090PUA Support ARC?

Yes, one of the HDMI ports on the LG 43UK6090PUA supports Audio Return Channel (ARC). Hence, with that port, users should be able to easily connect a soundbar to the television.

10. Does The LG 43UK6090PUA Use VESA Mount Holes?

Yes, the LG 43UK6090PUA has 200 x 200 VESA mount holes in its back. These holes are meant for mounting the TV on the wall.

43UK6090PUA Review: My Final Thoughts

The LG 43UK6090PUA is a decent smart television that offers impressive features and performance. Furthermore, this television comes with a remarkable 4K resolution display along with other useful features such as 4K Active HDR.

Moreover, the LG 43UK6090PUA is outfitted with a decent number of ports. Also, the TV comes with a user-friendly webOS that offers quite a number of streaming services and apps.

Additionally, the LG 43UK6090PUA should be a good choice for gamers due to its low input lag. However, the television offers poor maximum brightness and mediocre contrast ratio.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for an well-priced TV with decent features and performance, you should consider the LG 43UK6090PUA.

LG 43UK6090PUALG 43UK6090PUA

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