11-Alarm Chemical Fire Forces Evacuations in New Jersey, Smoke Reaches New York City

A large, 11-alarm fire at a medical factory in Passaic, New Jersey on Friday caused residents to flee the area as flames blazed around the night sky.

No injuries or deaths have been reported so far. Several reports say the house collapsed, though Newsweek he did not prove this to himself.

The blaze continued to burn despite the failure of the house, as the fire spread to other buildings. Across the river spewed smoke out of New York City, and meteorological observators revealed that smoke was visible up to 30 miles[50 km]across the Atlantic.

Passaic Mayor Hector Lora urged residents of the area to evacuate while firefighters struggled to manage the blaze. Dehydration from hydrants makes the fire-fighting crisis even more difficult, according to WABC-TV.

“There’s been a bad fire but this is the worst I’ve ever seen,” Lora told local reporters.

The mayor added that the fire had already spread to various houses in the area and continued to grow. Residents in the vicinity of the factory are advised to leave the area because nearby roads were closed.

While the desire to escape is still a strong idea, Lora told reporters she could be ordered to evacuate if the fire starts to take action with the chemicals in the area.

The plant belongs to Qualco, a Passaic company that has been developing a swimming pool and jacuzzi for 30 years. One of the products sold by the company is chlorine, and although the product may not burn, it can sometimes explode.

Fire video taken from the transit Twitter user @Ameer is showing significant spread of fire.

Another tweet in less than five minutes shows the fire continuing to spread rapidly. The man in the picture was heard saying that the eagle was “growing too big” and that he had heard a loud noise.

Continuous updates on Twitter said the fire had begun to spread to trees, and it appeared to be approaching a house that looked like a house.

Beyond Passaic, a nearby town in Wellington, New Jersey, also announced that it would prompt people to close their windows and to let out flashing lights.

Lora said the first few responders from “all over” were dispatched to the area to help fight the fire and evacuate local residents. This, he said, involved more than 200 firefighters from various companies.

Those who were forced to leave their homes could live in temporary shelters here, he said.

A massive 11-alarm fire at a New Jersey medical factory has forced the town of Passaic to flee as flames continue into the night. No injuries or deaths have been reported.
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“I urge residents to keep your windows closed as our fire department and emergency services are monitoring the magnitude of the fire,” Lora said. “We urge all people who live far away. This is a healing fire. You will see its color in the sky.”

“Because this is a medical fire we are very concerned about the health and safety of those in the area.”

This was the third January January in four years when a major fire destroyed the area, according to reports Bergen’s History. A large recyclable plant was destroyed by flames in 2021, and ten fires in 2019 turned the oldest mill into ashes.

In a paper fire, at least 30 of the 36 houses on the site were destroyed, according to reports.

Newsweek has arrived in Qualco for comment.

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