10 Surprising Natural Herbs For Speedy Hair Growth – No more baldness

For hundreds of years, people have been using herbs to nourish the scalp and promote the growth of strong, healthy hair.  The list of herbs traditionally used for this purpose is extensive.  Here we’ve outlined some of the best choices, why they work, and how to prepare them

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1. Aloe Vera

Enzymes in aloe vera dissolve dead skin cells and excess sebum which can clog hair follicles.  Aloe contains salicylic acid, an anti-inflammatory and mild anti-biotic.  Aloe gel is also an excellent moisturizer with a molecular structure similar to keratin, the prominent protein that makes up skin and hair.  For this reason, aloe vera is one of the best carriers for other herbal remedies that promote hair growth.

2. Ginger Root

Ginger root oil increases circulation in hair follicles, promoting stronger and faster growth.  Ginger root is also an anti-septic and moisturizer, making it excellent for clearing up dandruff and other skin conditions which may interfere with healthy hair growth.  Check out this recipe for making your own ginger root scalp treatment.

3. Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers contains vitamins and anti-oxidants that improve scalp and hair health. Add fresh blossoms (or if you can’t find them fresh, use dried hibscus) to coconut oil and grind into a fine paste.  When applied to scalp and hair regularly, this mixture increases hair growth while at the same time warding off premature greying and dandruff.  For best results, allow mixture to soak into scalp and hair for at least two hours.

4. Tea

Another method for covering gray hair and restoring your natural hair color is to use tea. Black teas work best for darker hues, chamomile for blondes, and rooibos for redheads.

Once a week, steep 3 to 5 teabags in two cups of boiling water and allow it to cool before applying it to your clean, wetted hair. For easier application, try mixing it with conditioner. Leave it in for a least one hour, and bear in mind that the longer it’s in your hair, the more intense the color will be. When your gray hair has absorbed the color of the tea, the mixture can be rinsed out.

5. Peppermint

The moisturizing oil contained in peppermint leaves is anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory.  When applied to the scalp, peppermint oil can help to heal chemical, microbial, or environmental damage while also stimulating growth by boosting circulation and stimulating hair follicles.  To prepare peppermint oil as a healing scalp treatment, try this recipe.

6. Thyme

Thymus vulgaris
is known to have anti-septic and anti-fungal properties.  Thyme also contains minerals magnesium, potassium, and selenium which are known to promote stronger hair growth.  Thyme oil can be mixed with a carrier oil or steep a handful of dried thyme in warm water to create an herbal rinse.

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