David Packouz with full name David Mordecai Packouz was born on the 16th of February 1982. He was born into a Jewish Family as can be seen with his middle name. The Packouz household has 9 children, with David Packouz being the third child and having eight other siblings. His father is a writer, and he wrote a book titled How to Prevent an Intermarriage.

The American former arms dealer, musician, inventor and entrepreneur David Packouz has net worth of $200 million. It can be said that life started looking bright for David at the age of 23 in 2005 as that was when he started getting life enhancing contracts. In 2005, David joined AEY Inc. which was an arms company belonging to Efraim Diveroli. By the end of 2006, AEY Inc had gained numerous contracts with a rough estimate of 149, and these contracts amounted to millions of dollars. David also went into massage therapy while still with AEY Inc. and got a license for it. Things ran smoothly for David and AEY Inc. for a while.  However, David Packouz has had legal issues as he and his business partner Efraim Diveroli violated the terms of a contract and pleaded guilty of defrauding the United States. Due to this, David was sentenced to seven months house arrest, while Efraim was sentenced to serve jail term.

Clocking 37 years of age soon, David Packouz is married and has a child. He got married to his girlfriend after parting ways with AEY Inc. The name of their daughter is Anabelle Jane, and she was given birth to in 2007. David Packouz and his family resides in Miami, Florida.

The movie War Dogs by Todd Phillips which is a drama-comedy, kind of centers around the life of David Packouz. Although David was not the star/ key actor in the movie, he made an appearance on the movie as a guitarist and singer at an elderly home. The movie War Dogs revealed more about his personal life. It was through the movie that the public got to know that David Packouz indeed had a girlfriend.

David Packouz is a man of diversity, as he is also the CEO of singular sound company. The company has invented BeatBuddy Drummer Pedal, Cabli Instrument Cable Management Tool, MIDI Maestro MIDI controller, and others. The Cabli Instrument Management Tool is the world’s first device that protects, organizes and makes your cables easier to use. The BeatBuddy Drum Machine Guitar Pedal was inducted into Guitar Hall of Fame in 2015. It is a guitar foot pedal the drum machine called BeatBuddy. The instrument is a digital effect pedal that is specifically designed for guitars and other related instruments. It is the first of its kind as it is the first guitar pedal drum machine. It also enables the drum machine to be played hands-free. It uses the recordings of the non-quantized drums as they are recorded in a studio.

David Packouz with his net worth of $200 million gathers his net worth from his professional music career, being a professional arms dealer, a licensed massage therapist, as well as an entrepreneur. His company helps to empower musicians in their career.


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