Dave Kindig is an American business person who doubles as an actor and a car manufacturer. He is owner of Kindig-It Design. Dave established Kindig-It design in 1999. The company stems out of his passion for cars, and his urge to restore cars which have been written off. To Dave Kindig, the world looked at the business of car restoring as an under-estimated business, however, he wanted using his passion to create value for the business, and push it to the world. The net worth of Dave Kindig is $2.5 million.

The Kindig-It company is a company that specializes in redesigning both old and new vehicles, and manufactures customized vehicles. This is one of biggest businesses in America. Dave Kindig is a man who never went to a university, however, he has put his talent to use and is a force to reckon with. His success today cannot be accredited to any degree, but his zeal and passion for hard work.

The love for automobiles is one that dates back to the childhood of Dave Kindig. He has had affection for automobiles and fond of designing since his childhood. He is a well-known artist in the art of designing and restoring cars, and is also known to have a collection of expensive cars.

One thing that fuels the passion of Dave Kindig is the fact that he has strong backing and support from both his nuclear and extended family. This goes a long way to prove the fact that there is no better loving than family love. He is married to Charity Kindig who was long term girlfriend before they tied the knot. The marriage has brought forth two children; Drew Kindig and Baylee Kindig. Baylee Kindig is already married, she got married in August 2018.

Dave Kindig has received a lot of awards, of which some include:

  • GM Design Award – 2007
  • Utah Hot Rod Inductee Award – 2008
  • Master Builder Award – 2012
  • Trendsetter Award – 2012
  • Ford Design Award – 2013, and much more.

Dave Kindig debuted his acting career in 2015 by starring in the TV show Beyond Bitchin’ Rides. The show Beyond Bitchin’ Rides is a reality show owned by Dave Kindig.

One interesting thing about Dave Kindig is that he carries his family along in his dealings also. In the Kindig-It company, his wife is the Vice President, and he also has his children and cousins holding positions and doing various activities in/for the company. Another interesting thing is that Dave Kindig is still hooked on the conventional way of creating designs. Despite the technological age, he does not make use of computers to create designs. Rather, all his designs are hand drawn. For him, pen and paper wins over computers.

His net worth of $2.5 million stems from a lot of angles. It can be said that it comes from his company and his reality TV show. His company has also become diverse as it no longer focuses on only automobiles, but also sells clothes and accessories.


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