Your ip has changed is a persistent issue which I have constantly experienced while logging into my cpanel from various web hosts especially godaddy and some Nigerian hosts like domain king. As a web designer, it is always frustrating to see this error and it has in fact kept me away from some hosts. I would prefer to experience seamless WordPress installation rather than battle with this issue. So you cannot log inbecause you got the error Your IP address has changed. Please login again“.??? Here is the solution

Well I am not the only one having this issue. common erros include

Can’t Login To My CPanel

Your connection is not private

After automatic renenwal of my linux hosting plan, each time I try to login to cpanel i always get “Your IP address has changed. Please login again“.

But over time, it became imperative for me to find a lasting solution to this error since many of my clients now use GoDaddy webhost which was synonymous with this error. My annoyance got to it’s peak when I battled with this error for 2hours in the middle of the night.

Many users have attributed this error to MTN network and it is quite through, MTN,AIRTEL and Etisalat will always give you this error due to the dynamic ip address used by these network provides.

Note that you can easily solve this error by logging into your cpanel using your Glo NETWORK. But we all know the erratic nature of glo network, hence it is essential to find a lasting solution whenever this issue pops up.

Another solution: This only works for users who have access to WHM , it only requires turn on off cookie validation, well this will work if all shared hosting plans have access to web host manager.

Epic Browser does not work! During my search, I came across a post at ogbonge blog which recommended downloading Epic browser, But unfortunately, the method does not work either.

I tried many VPN my trusted zenmate vpn could not get my out of this mess as i keep getting logged out with this error Your IP Address Has Changed. Please Log In Again on my screen. One would think , clearing cache, using different browsers will solve the issue but it didn’t.

So if you get signed out because Your IP address has changed. Please login again“.??? Here is the solution

The solution to our IP Address Has Changed,cpanel error!

Yes  I did find a solution to this error after trying different means, alas ! One singular method worked. It worked for logging into cpanel on godaddy and finally installing I could Install wordpress and access order areas in my cpanel account.

Follow the steps below.

You’ll need to use have your chrome browser installed

Step 1: Go to this link and sign up to get a surfeasy account private browsing account. Your can also use this link to get a surf Easy account:

Step2: Enter this url to your chrome browser

Step 3: Activate the surf easy extension on your chrome browser, then login. That’s it!!! With the surf easy extension active on my chrome I could easiy login to my godaddy cpanel to install wordpress and do other things



download it free>>>