Shawn Killinger Net Worth

Popularly known as the host and presenter for the American TV network – QVC, Shawn Killinger has made an enviable name for herself in the world of journalism and entertainment. Married to successful business man Joe Carretta, Killinger is arguably one of the greatest TV presenters of our generation with loads of successful TV programs and shows to her belt. Now Kllinger isn’t jst famous, she’s also wealthy.

I’m certain you’re eager to find out the net worth of Shawn Killinger, that’s what this article is all about. So just sit back and read on as we delve into the world of the lively and optImistic media personality.


Early Life

Shawn Killinger was born in Detroit, Michigan on the 2nd of November, 1979. She’s had the opportunity to live in a number of places to include Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Switzerland. Her move to Mexico took place while at the age of 11, father had just been transferred there for a job. While in Mexico, she had her primary education at an International American School Foundation. After that was completed, she got herself in the Penn University where she bagged a degree in Marketing. Owing to her passion for traveling and visiting exciting places, her time in college saw her visit Geneva and Switzerland. Killinger only moved back to the United States after graduating from the Penn University.


Following graduation from college, Killinger kicked off her career in Journalism. She was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the applicants to join the CBS page program. There she had the job of a set assistant. She did this for two good years. Her job required her to run scripts for American journalist Dan Rather during the CBS evening news. After holding this position for two years, Killinger moved on to work with David Letterman as an assitant for his Late Show. She wasn’t there for long as she got a job with the CBS News foreign desk. There she served as the program’s Assistant Producer.

With time, Killinger climbed the ranks and got her first on-camera appearance. She worked as an anchor-reporter in CBS, Fox and NBC stations located in New York and Florida. This was the beginning of her fame. In no time, Killinger became a household name and got to establish herself as one of the most wanted television personalities in all of the United States. She currently works at QVC – a  TV network specializing in televised home shopping. We’ll see Shawn Killinger net worth below

Killinger has had an appearance in more TV shows and programs than I can list here. She’s hosted, co-hosted and had an appearance in such TV shows as: ISAACMIZRAHILIVE, Anything Goes with Rick & Shawn, and Apprentice amongst many others. Her use of the catchphrase “Fake it till you make it” may have gotten her fired from a Martha Stewart’s show, but it sure helped her amass a massive fan-base in America. With fame, came lots of lucrative job offers, and with the latter also came wealth and riches. But really, what is the net worth of Shawn Killinger?

Salary and Net Worth Of Shawn Killinger

Shawn Killinger has been in the media world for way over a decade, so it’s only normal for her to have reached the lofty position of top earners in the industry, and to have amassed a staggering amount of wealth for herself in all these years. Shawn Killinger earns about $47,026 dollars monthly and has a net worth of over $1 million dollars. She is the epitome of a successful career woman who has worked really hard to get to where she is today.


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