Recession? How to get Loans without collateral in Nigeria using your android phone

Nigeria’s present economic situation is no longer news to its residents,the nations economy has declined significantly for 6month hence ,we have plunged into a situation called recession. At times like this inflation is predominant with purchase of any kind of goods or services, the rate of un-employment has increased as top companies have resulted to retrenching their workers.


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Entrepreneurial revolution is the way out that will take us to our promise land.Diversifying our resources improving our industries is another way we could curb the situation.
But this is not where this post is leading to. In this period , friends and families can be our backbones, during emergencies and in times of troubles but sometimes the situation of the country may have caught with them too and we may need to turn to other sources for urgent help.
In this post , we are revealing two finance applications to help you out when you are you are left stranded in urgent situations and you only wished you could use a few cash for some days. This is where Paylater and Quickcheck comes in.
Paylater Owned by one finance limited gives you quick access to soft loans without collateral between 10,000naira to 30k. All you need to do is download the app and follow the prompt
you can learn more about Paylater loan app here. Basically the whole application process takes some minutes or hours as the case may be.You do not need to submit any document or appear physically in any office. Just present your details accurately and sincerely to get approved.
QuickCheck  is a modern app-based lending platform. We use technology to deliver financial services to individuals and small businesses. With QuickCheck you are one step away from accessing financial credit. Thousands of people have been helped to receive funding through our platform. You can apply for a loan, anytime, any day.
Quick tips for instant loan approvals by paylater and quick check
  • Turn on your location and Gps,This is how the app determines where you applying from,so when you input your Abuja address when you are actually in Oyo state the app will disapprove you.
  • Ensure Your Facebook name matches ,your Account Name Facebook login is the only means the app can verify your personality and also info about your location,age and work place,so when you are filling out your application,it must exactly match your birth date ,month location ,address.
  • Your Address It must contain your house number,street,closest institution/hotel/filling station etc.
  • Lastly, ensure you do not have simultaneous outstanding loan payments on either of the apps

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