Between Ooni Ogunwusi and Oba Akiolu

No matter which side of the divide you belong, please remember that the two individuals involved are royal fathers and must be respected as such.

I understand that as Yorubas we hold our culture and tradition in very high esteem, so I understand why everyone is emotional about the issue. But let’s remember that when elders fight, it’s not the place of kids to start passing frivolous comments.

More important is the fact that these are not just “elders”, these are Kabiyesis. And when Kabiyesis disagree, they have a mechanism through which they resolve their disagreements. These are not just politicians that we can drag anyhow.


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Let us all take a cue from the way Ooni Ogunwusi conducted himself during and after the scene. For me that’s the lesson we should all take away. Maturity, calm demeanour, unassuming posture, and uncommon grace, these are virtues that we all should emulate.

Like I said earlier, let us leave the fathers to resolve fatherly issues. We have said enough, perhaps some of us have said too much.

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