Between Ooni Ogunwusi and Oba Akiolu (Season 2)

Sequel to my earlier post about the “unfortunate” drama that happened between Ooni Ogunwusi and Oba Akiolu some days ago, I gleefully write this article as a rejoinder. This will also serve as a tribute to the ever relevant tradition and culture of the Yoruba race.

After the unceremonious manner in which Oba Akiolu responded to the humble and gentlemanly pleasantry extended to him by the more highly placed Ooni Ogunwusi, “the gods have indeed proven themselves to be alive”.

Christians are very familiar with the story of how God vindicated Prophet Moses in the Bible when unscrupulous elements named Koran, Dathan and Abiram dared to challenge his ecclesiastical authority over the Jews. Moses said and I quote ” tomorrow if the Lord does not do a new thing…”. And just like Moses had said a day before, the Lord did a new thing by causing the ground to open up and swallow the mischief makers and their family members.

That story teaches that whoever God or in this case “the gods” have chosen as their representative must not be defied or challenged by any mortal. Oba Akiolu chose to challenge tradition and it appears the consequences are now visiting him.


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In my earlier post, I cautioned Nigerians to be cautious and careful with their comments over the matter, because I well knew it was an issue beyond “bands”. I mentioned it was a matter between royalties who must be respected as such. As of today the gods have risen to the occasion to defend their own.

Sango was a dreaded Alaafin when he reigned in Oyo. A king who was thin skinned and also notable for his temperament. It is better to always stay on his good side, because like the ” incredible Hulk” of that popular Hollywood movie, you wouldn’t like to see him angry.

Whether he was conjured or invoked to attack Oba Akiolu’s palace is an issue for another day. But the fact that the god of thunder rose to the defense of an Oba against another Oba has shown clearly who is the superior.

It is clear that we have not seen or heard the last about this debacle, but it is better for Oba Akiolu to do the needful now. As he has been counseled by the Ife chiefs and prominent Yoruba children, he should move swiftly to appease the Ooni and the Yoruba gods to avert further ugly occurrences.

Indeed “the gods are not dead”

Jigbinni Jigbinni bi ate akun,
O sun mo’le, sun mo eni,
Ekun tagiri gbera eni ja,
Kabiyesi oooooooo,
Long may you reign.

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