Why Nigeria is still in recession

I just thought I should say this:

As of May 1 2017, the Federal Government of Nigeria was officially shutdown.

Let me explain what that means:

A government shutdown happens when the appropriation act, spending bill, or budget proposal of a government for a new year has not been passed.

The appropriation act of 2016 officially expired on 30th April 2017.

This means that except the Federal Government sends an official request to the National Assembly for some sort of waiver, every kobo spent from May 1 2017 in government is illegal, and is enough grounds for a law suit by any concerned private citizen.

This is happening because both chambers of our National Assembly have not “had time/chance” to debate the 2017 budget.


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The President has probably also not had time to officially communicate the National Assembly for a waiver because like “Lie” Mohammed told us, the old man has been working from home.

I can’t even begin to explain what that means to the economy of any nation, especially an economy struggling with recession.

It means if this administration actually wants to live up to it’s “anti corruption” rhetoric, then all government expenditure must have stopped by the end of April.

But if they want to do it the way we are used to in Nigeria (which most likely is happening now), monies will continue to be spent and nothing will happen afterwards.

So if you actually want something to be genuinely angry about, you have one already.

Economic recession will not go away through wishful thinking, it will go away through hardwork and serious coordinated efforts from all the arms of government.

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