Ikoyi $48million Between a Government built on Propaganda and Citizens who love Propaganda

1) EFCC discovers $43million dollars in an abandoned building in Ikoyi belonging to Alhaji Adamu Muazu.

Nigerians: “what!!!, these people have looted us dry”…”why won’t our economy be in recession”…”I also want to become a whistleblower”…blah blah blah

2) Femi Fani Kayode…”the said house in Ikoyi belongs to Rotimi Amaechi, he bought it from Muazu”

Nigerians: “Lailai, FFK must be joking for lying against Amaechi”…” Amaechi cannot steal, he is now in APC”…blah blah blah.

3) Nigerian Intelligence Agency: “the said money belongs to us and it was set aside for a covert operation”

Nigerians: “Eiyah…we didn’t know now, but someone in the NIA should have informed the EFCC.

Question: Is it possible for the FBI to carry out a raid on a black site or hideout that belongs to the CIA without anyone from the CIA knowing about it?

Answer: No…because they have a fully functional, well coordinated system.

But the sad news here is the fact that my countrymen will never learn from even the most recent history. These people know that the moment they come to the media and give you a sensational story, you start jumping up and down. They successfully created another diversion and distraction from the real issues of governance.

Does anyone even know that 328 people died in this country of Meningitis and till date there isn’t any coordinated response from government? They would rather have you excited about the news of $43million dollars that will die like the ones before it.

Questions: The monies that were ” discovered” in the houses of judges by the DSS “sting operation”, where are they?


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The monies that were “arrested” at an airport some weeks ago, where are they?

The monies that were “found” in the houses of INEC officials in Rivers State, where are they?

I have said it before and I will say it again, corruption and stealing in this country has no political party affiliation. Very soon, I will post an article about some of the “gods” you worship in this administration. Do you even know that one of the sitting Governors in this country is a convicted felon in the USA?

These people know you love propaganda and they are giving it to you regularly, the earlier you start taking whatever news they give you with a pinch of salt the better for you.

They know that the moment they mention corruption and the last administration, all of you become unnecessarily excited and emotional. And they will keep doing it because it works like magic.

So prepare yourself for another round, wait for it because it will not tarry.

Nobody is asking about the budget, nobody is talking about electricity, nobody is asking when food prices will come down. It is the money found in Ikoyi that won’t reach your pocket you are tweeting about.

And for those saying it’s because of corruption that we are in recession. Please do your research on how much Abacha (our biggest thief) stole from this nation. Yet, we didn’t go into recession under him or after him.

In closing, I haven’t defended thieves or corruption, I am just saying the narrative goes beyond what they are giving you presently.

Learn to ask the right questions before you jump on the bandwagon of propaganda.

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