The net worth of American rapper and actress Eve is 10million dollars.


Eve Jihan Jeffers – cooper popular as Eve is an American rapper, actress, singer and song writer. Eve was born in Philadelphia on the 10th of November 1978. She has had interest in singing from an early age and was a part of various groups when younger. She graduated from Martin Luther King High School in Philadelphia.


Eve first went by the nickname gangsta when she was still in high school, as a part of an all female group that was called EDG. She has also sang in so many choirs and even formed an all female singing group called Dope Girl Posse or G.D.P and they had a manager. Later on, Eve dropped the nickname ‘gangsta’, and decided to go by the name Eve of Destruction; this was the name she went by while working on her solo album. At a point in the beginning of her career, Eve was once signed to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment, but did not receive much promotion.

Eve has also done well for herself in the acting scene.  She has featured in movies like Barbershop (2004), The Cook Out (2004), Latish (2010), Whip it (2009), Animal (2014), and much more.

Eve’s feud with Tory Brown is one controversy that is still ongoing. The feud was as a result of Brow’s alleged affair with Eve’s former mentor DMX. Since then, they have been releasing diss tracks for each other, and trying to sabotage the shows of each other also.

American rapper Eve has had 4 studio albums so far. Her debut studio album ‘Let There Be Eve…Ruff Ryders’ First Lady was released on the 14th of September 1999. Singles from the song include what ya’all Want and Gotta Man. Her second studio album was released on the 6th of March 2001, titled ‘Scorpion’. It is an hip-hop genre, with singles including Who’s That Girl and Let Me Blow Ya Mind. The third studio album by Eve is ‘Eve-olution’ it was released 27th August 2001, with singles including Satisfaction and Gangsta Lovin’. Her last studio album so far is ‘Lip Lock’, released may 14, 2013. Singles on this album include Make it out This Town and Eve.

Eve’s Relationship

Eve is married to Maximilliano Cooper. Eve and Maximilliano started dating in 2010, got engaged in 2013, and got married in 2014. Eve has 4 step children.

Eve’s Husband

The husband of Eve is Maximilliano Cooper. He is the CEO of Brtish Gumball 300 motor rally. The gumball is best known for an annual 3,000 miles international celebrity rally which involves a collection of companies. The rally has featured notable drivers such as Lewis Hamilton, Eve, Tinie Tempah and a host of other more. Eve and Maximilliano met during the gumball motor rally.


Taking into collection his gumball rally which generates his revenue, Eve’s husband Maximilliano Cooper has net worth of 50 million dollars.


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