Dr. Nowzaradan Net Worth 2019

Dr. Nowzaradan is by profession a gastric bypass surgeon. But he’s far from being just an obesity surgery doctor, Dr. Nowzaradan is also a celebrity with a huge net worth you would soon find out about in this article.

A great deal of the fame he enjoys today comes from his being featured on popular reality TV show titled “My 600-lb.” This is a show where he gets to carry out various surgery operations on obese patients who weigh beyond 600-lb. Nowzaradan is the main character of the show and the one and only surgeon who handles all weight loss surgeries.


Early Life

Dr. Younan Nowzaradan was given birth to in Iran on the 11th day of October 1944. Little is known of his childhood or parents. Nowzaradan grew to be passionate about medicine from a young age and decided to choose a career in medicine and surgery.

He enrolled in the renowned Tehran University of Medical Sciences to study medicine. The young Nowzaradan came out in flying colors at the end of his medical training, and decided to relocate to the United States in search of greener pastures. This was in the year 1970.

On getting to the U.S., Nowzaradan saw it necessary to get more learning and also get connected to medical practitioners in his new country, so he got himself into the St. Louis University for the medical orientation program which was to take place in 1971.


Medical Career

Dr. Nowzaradan is a well trained medical practitioner who specialized in surgery while in the University. He made General and Vascular Surgery his area of specialty, and has since built an amazing career in this field.

Following graduation from medical school, Nowzaradan started off his career as a medical surgeon by working in a number of Texas-based hospitals. There he worked as a general surgeon.

Before he became the type of surgeon he is popularly known as today, he was initially a heart surgeon. With time he moved from being a heart surgeon to a weight loss surgeon. Performing such weight loss related surgeries as sleeve gastrectomy, bariatric surgery and gastric bypass surgery on patients.

Nowzaradan has practiced his medical specialty in hospitals within the United States to include Surgery Specialty Hospital, First Street Hospital, University General Hospital, Renaissance Hospital and Doctors Hospital at Tidwell. He is said to currently own his hospital at his hometown in Houston.

Nowzaradan has been a practicing surgeon for way over 30 years, and during this lengthy period of his career, he’s touched lots of lives and helped transform the physique of obese individuals who never imagined they could be healthy again. For the record, majority of his surgeries have been successful, making him one of the greatest surgeons in the world today.

Nowzaradan has appeared on a number of reality TV shows to include: Half Ton Dad, Survival Of The Half Ton Teen, Shrinking The World’s Heaviest Man Part II and My 600-lb Life. The latter is the only active TV show the surgeon is involved in currently.

How Much Exactly Is Dr. Nowzaradan Net Worth?

This is the answer you’ve been yearning for, and here it is: Dr. Nowzaradan is estimated to have a net worth of $4 million dollars. How is that possible you may ask, well Nowzaradan isn’t like most surgeons out there. The kind of surgical jobs other surgeons would turn down, is the same kind of job Nowzaradan gladly accepts and performs excellently on. For this reason, his rates are really high thereby making him earn as much as a movie or music star annualy. Nowzaradan is also regarded as the first surgeon to use laparoscopic surgery to treat patients. All of these put together, makes him a surgeon in high demand, and as wealthy as he is today.



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