The latest season of Power just premiered on July one and everyone is excited about it. Power season 5 promises to be an interesting one as the episode 1 of the show was aired yesterday. Download the latest episode from the link provided at the end of this post. We are writing a recap of what wen down yesterday including spoilers for those that missed it. Stream power season 5 episode 1 below

Power season 5 episode 1

Power season 5 episode 1

As the show opens with Power season 5 episode 1. Tariq is seen making another dumb move as usual and this is probably the most provoking one. But as dumb as it is, many have termed it devious as it was not expected of him. He is definitely rowing up to become a force in the Ghost world , that is if his father will not shoot him in annoyance. You can download Power season 5 episode 1 in the link below his post.

Angela is freaking out again, this time she is in Ray’s house, she had been having a had time recalling how she helped tasha look for Tariq’s cellphone earlier that evening. Her thought throughout her disturbed moment was that the phone was Ghost’s and that Tasha was only covering up whic clearly puts Ghosts in the position of killing ray ray, she would later put herself together as she does not want to be involved in the official police report. She is unlucky as she was quickly noticed by another police officer as she is seen taking her exit. Dre is seen approaching the murder scene too, but as he quickly noticed cops already present, he calls Christobal intimating him about the new development. We got a problem, Dre mutters.

Saxe and Robinson are being questioned too Maria’s story about hearing James St. Patrick’s at her fiancée’s murder remains the same. She is seen cring, “I’ll never forget his voice,” she tells them tearfully. “He is Ghost.”

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Where does Angela head to after leaving the murder scene? 

Power season 5 episode 1

Power season 5 episode 1

She is seen heading straight to the St patrick’s apartments of course. She is going to yell at Tasha as she believed she was tricked and lied to. She is raging, I believe you, I gave you the motive and info. location right in that room and now he is dead, she concludes. Tsha does not have a choice now, she had to confess to Angela who the murderer is , It was Tariq who did it not Ghost, Tasha explained. He did it with my gun, but us their anything of worry for her here? She cleared all the evidence. or wait! Angela is the woman for the job, she is about to commit a federal offence again

You can download the first of episode of power season 5 – son of the gun below.

Download Power season 5 episode 1

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