Legacy Instrumental by Offset Ft. Travis Scott & 21 Savage is now available for download.

From the relationship Offset had built with Travis Scott & 21 Savage from the collaboration on the track Ghostface Killers, the trio have collaborated on another track titled ‘Legacy’. The Legacy track is from Offsets recent album Father of 4. Legacy was produced by Metro Boomin’ and Southside.
Download Instrumental Legacy – Offset Ft. Travis Scott & 21 Savage

The Legacy track instrumental is one track where Offset decides to create a bond with his fans by opening up to them. This song is the 11th track on his album. From the song, Offset paints a picture of how he was viewed by others. However, he decided not to let the picture others were painting be the picture of his reality. Although it wasn’t easy, but he didn’t let go.

‘They thought I would fail, I conquer (Fail)’

‘I been left out the streets like an orphan (Dtreets)’

‘I was strong but I wanted to forfeit (Strong)’

‘I got famous and rich, now I’m corporate (Uh)’

Download Instrumental: Legacy – Offset Ft. Travis Scott & 21 Savage



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