8 most annoying remarks by Nigerian girls

1 Nigerian men are the best :

Apart from the fact that Nigerian Ladies appear more loyal than our male counterparts, i dont see how saying they are the best changes anything. It just makes you look kinda dumb to converse with since you clearly dont know when to use common superlatives.

2, Like really? Oh pls say something different for once.

3, I will make my hair very soon

She has been carrying her natural God given hair for a

while but she still feels a need to explain to every1 why she has not rocked an artificial one yet.

O dear, just go and wear a weave and stop throwing your insecurity on people’s faces
.A lady can rock her natural hair and still look classic and do as many styles as she wants. Why is hers making her feel sick? eeewww.

4, You are shining, which cream are you using? 90% of the time she means which lightening cream are you using.
Dear girl, not every girl with a fair skin uses “cream”
Even if she is using one, not everyone is ready to disclose their “beauty enhancement” products to anyone. Lol


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5, You have pointed nose, you are so lucky And she is so unlucky with her button nose!


6, I like my men tall, dark and handsome Can you just stop parroting that 1800s ideal male look that you know nothing about and come up with something original?

7, Wow you are a black beauty She says this when she sees a stunning girl with dark skin.
Sweetheart that girl knows she is black, she has seen herself all her life as a black girl. Why do u feel she has to be reminded of her blackness everytime you throw her a compliment. *rolls eyes*

8, Why do you act this way It is called “individualism” Everyone must not act the same or love the same things. We are not all born to follow a status quo. Its very easy to wrap around the head but she wont because she does not want to embrace the complexities of life.

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